Armadillo Aerospace 2010 Space Access Society video

[sound effect building to crescendo] [driving music beat] [roar of rocket]>>NARRATOR: Rocketing through the final year of the 21st Century’s first decade, the Armadillo Aerospace team found itself busier than ever. When we last visited our intrepid team, they were testing a LOX/Methane engine in the high-altitude chamber at the White Sands Test Facility. The […]

How Sloths Went From the Seas to the Trees

8 million years ago, off the coast of Peru, a large mammal used its powerful claws to pull itself along the ocean floor, holding fast against the waves as it foraged for seagrass. 5 million years ago, a similar creature was burrowing underground in Argentina, digging burrows so massive that you could walk right into […]