Getting involved in the TensorFlow Community (TF World ’19)

AI: Impact on Society

AI and Machine Learning can affect every part of society. For instance self-driving cars use AI to recognize their surroundings, track objects, and make super important decisions like when to stop. Machine Learning is already being used in some really amazing things. It’s allowing us to be more energy efficient. We use it to improve […]

Society 5.0 Japan

The delivery is coming. Here is a little peek of Japan’s Toaru Town (exactly on time) with the help of IOT and AI things can be possible the World of Society 5.0 Good Morning What should I get for breakfast… Would you like a smoothie? (that would be great!) It’s going to be time for […]

2018 Ulam Lectures – Cris Moore – Limits of Computers in Science and Society Part 1

I’m the president of SFI and welcome to this new Lam lecture and I’ll get into that in a little more detail but let me just thank a few folks as always Thornburg Investment Management for underwriting the series the lens ik of course for hosting it and now enterprise holding foundation I feel like […]

AI and Future Society: Ghislaine Boddington

So, yes, I’m Ghislaine Boddington I’m Creative Director of body>data>space and one of the co-curators of FutureFest So my background is in performing arts – and that’s quite important – I’ve got a long-term work now – I’ve been working with the body the living, live body and technology integration. And our key points from […]

Robots, society and the marketplace

The central area of my research has to deal with the self, self-image in particular, and it answers the questions of who you are as a person, so therefore it is it’s very central in driving a person’s attitude and behaviours, and I want to address this from a perspective of the consumer, so how […]

AI & Society Series: AI & Democracy

The AI and Democracy workshop that we’re hosting is about bringing together an interdisciplinary group of researchers, practitioners – and that includes folks from governments but also people from online platforms – to really critically engage with the question of what AI in online spaces is doing to democracy. If the way that news or […]

2019 Aurora Forum Impressions: Mirza Dinnayi

The Aurora Forum is a new idea to make a big humanitarian network. The only thing that we share from USA to China to Australia are these human values, despite the religion, the ethnicity, the nationality, the country. So therefore the Aurora Forum has a big future, especially as a platform for all those people, […]

Will A.I. Change Society? – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

We’re here at the Barbican centre in the AI: more than human exhibition. One of the key things about the artists in this show is they’ve come from different backgrounds and AI is the thing that’s really brought them all together. I always find working with AI and machine learning to be a very human […]

Using Data Science to Influence the Customer Journey | Sameer Rahman, Kin + Carta Edit

hello everyone I am here with Sameer Rahman who runs the data science practice at Kin +Carta’s Edit Agency and we’re going to talk a little bit about data science today and the practical applications of data science within the customer experience. Sameer, maybe we can start you can just give us a little bit […]