Secular Community: Greg Epstein at TEDxCambridge 2011

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Tijana Mihajlović So, I’m really glad to be part of this “We” session because, like it or not, for secularists like me, the most powerful form of connection to other people and to a community throughout human history has been religion. Now, I am one of these people who human rights […]

Kellyanne Conway to Reporter: What’s Your Ethnicity?

Okay, it’s time for a fire. My favorite story, segue, hey, this is kind of weird. Trump’s White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway, who just recently you might know or have heard, she recently ignored a request to appear before lawmakers to answer serious questions about her hatch act violations. Kellyanne Conway asked a reporter who […]

“The Press in a Free Society” by Ayn Rand

miss ran very happy to have you with us again our subject this week is the role of the press and let me begin by asking you what ought to be the role of the press in a free society on the broadest sense of the world the press means all media of communication as […]

Alan Watts ~ Why Society Fears Psychedelic Drugs

so now This is the whole essence you see of seeing if you really see into this secret that the World Doesn’t contain any serious threats in it because it’s all The basic you running up behind itself and saying boo to see if you can get yourself to jump out of your skin If […]

Bishop Barron on Fr. George Coyne and the Fertile Cosmos

and the great good pleasure a couple weeks ago to sit down with father George coin for lunch and father George coin is a Jesuit priest and also he was for many years the director of the Vatican Observatory with headquarters both at Castel Gandolfo and in Tucson so he’s a Jesuit priest and also […]

9 — Human Ancestry Made Easy

My last video, Human Evolution Made Easy showed how mitochondrial DNA can be used to trace our most recent common matrilineal female ancestor who lived about 150,000 years ago in Africa but the same can be done for markers on the Y chromosome which are only past from father to son our most recent common […]

Join the Humanist Society (Singapore)!

An atheist, a freethinker, an agnostic or a sceptic? Are you fond of the scientific method and reasoning? Have you ever wished to know like­-minded people in Singapore to share thoughts with, or to work together for good cause? Well, you are not alone. Back in 2010, a handful of Singaporeans founded the Humanist Society […]