The Parks Community Centre, South Australia, 1981

Thirty years ago the district which is now known informally as The Parks, was something of a wasteland. And then along came the Housing Trust, and they built on this land three or four thousand houses, in which have lived for the last thirty years, about fifteen thousand people. Unfortunately for the people that lived […]

What is community Service leave?

What is community service leave? There are two types of community service leave that employees in Australia can take. They can take time off from work for jury service or if they are a volunteer to help during an emergency or natural disaster. During an emergency all employees who are members of a recognised emergency […]

Where the River Runs Red – a mining community caught between the past and a sustainable future

You’re lucky to live in Tasmania, it’s got everything. You wait till we reach the west coast. What’s down there? That’s Queenstown. The town seemed to grow just about overnight during the 1880s when gold and copper were found at Mount Lyell. It was a magnet for miners and their families. This is great! Look […]

Jump Off: The parkour event that is all about community

Parkour is a massive part of my life, it’s let me travel around the world and from that I get to meet new people around the world and I think that the community is the biggest thing that I’ve always liked about it. Everyone here know each other, everyone here’s known each other for at […]

Kim Dynasty: A look at the Mount Paektu bloodline

The Kim Dynasty is arguably one of the most important families in the world right now. Kim Jong-un’s recent diplomatic efforts could be a sign the Hermit Kingdom is opening up – and opening up the secretive regime could put the dynasty’s carefully constructed personality cult on a collision course with reality. But who exactly […]

Community Tree Planting Program- the benefits of street trees

The City of Stirling is committed to increasing the number of street trees with your help, cooling your community and improving your environment. People living in ‘greener’ communities spend more time outside, know their neighbours better and have stronger feelings of belonging. Plus research shows that shaded streets increase property values by over $16 000. […]

A Daughter’s Journey | Family reunion for woman abandoned at birth | Sunday Night

David, my inner tyrant | Mama Kin | TEDxPerth

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I lived with an unseen intruder for 15 years. I called him David. He wreaked havoc in my personal life. It was quite a process to even realize he was there, but once I did, you would have thought that I would have booted him out. That’s […]

Next of Kin (1982) – Movie Review

Hello world! I am Torstein from Cinema Terror, and after being intrigued by this film after hearing Quentin Tarantino talk about it on the excellent documentary Not Quite Hollywood, I figured it was time to give the 1982 Australian horror thriller Next of Kin a go. And here’s my review of it. In Next of […]

Country kinship and identity

Hi, my name is Glenys Watts, and I’m a gunai/kurnai woman from Gippsland. I’m here at Lake Tyers. My name is Rita Watkins Hudson and I’m Percy Pepper’s granddaughter, and granny Lucy’s granddaughter My name is Ossie Cruse I’m married to Beryl Cruse, I’ve been married for 60 years and in my ancestry line I’m […]