Stoffle, the Badger that can escape from anywhere! | Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem – BBC

After Stoffle’s severe mauling by the lions, Brian knew that he had to get his badger under control. His solution was a brand new pen. And, the introduction of Hammy, to help him work off steam. Far from settling down though, the canoodling couple soon prove that honey badgers are not just fearless, but astonishingly […]

When you find out your ancestor’s a ‘wrong-un’ 😂 | Who Do You Think You Are? – BBC

So, all over the Valleys, the miners and the ironworkers are angry, they’re up in arms, they’re forming mobs and they’re heading down towards Newport, and our ancestor is trailing them in his first-class coach… LAUGHING: Don’t do that! ..monitoring them at every point. Good that we’re peeling away the layers of Thomas Jones Phillips. […]

Daniel Radcliffe uncovers WW1 love story 💔 | Who Do You Think You Are? – BBC

I’m trying to work out who this one’s from, cos there’s a lot of mentions of Ernie in it and this is sent from Banbridge, September 2nd, 1914. “My dear Ernie, my heart was sore…” Oh! “..when I had to come into the house. “But some day we will give them all a good day […]

Olivia Colman discovers Indian family links in Who Do You Think You Are? – BBC

This is the last will and testament of one Richard Campbell Bazzette I give and bequeath my property to be divided between my beloved wife Sarah Bazzette okay and my beloved sons. Oh! William Young Bazzette, Charles Young Bazzette Henri Young Bazzette, Richard Young Bazzette and Alfred Young Bazzette. So five yes Five boys, I’m […]