Tom Wright: Insurance must address the risks of ageing society

It’s about innovation and new products and services to support people going into later life. And in many areas, the financial service industry has been very poor at addressing and accommodating the needs of aging society. And as we live longer, often with great wealth as well, it’s a huge market opportunity and there’s great […]

Why Do You Love Your Family?

[MUSIC] Thank you to 23andMe for supporting PBS Digital Studios This is Harrison. Harrison’s favorite hobbies include pooping, peeing, not sleeping, and costing me a fair amount of money. Not exactly the number one qualities you go looking for in a friend. Yet, I knew he was the world’s most perfect human the instant I […]

David Evans: 2019 Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

I’m Dave Evans. I’m associate professor in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Toronto and the Temerty Chair in Vertebrate Paleontology at the Royal Ontario Museum. I’m a dinosaur paleontologist and I study the dying days of the dinosaurs — the last few million years of the age of dinosaurs. […]

Hobbit histories: the origins of Homo floresiensis

This 9-millimetre-wide fragment of tiny molar was the first evidence of an ancient, equally tiny, human. It was found in a recent archaeological dig on an island in Indonesia, and sheds new light on the origins of the creatures known as hobbits. Back in 2004, strange bones were discovered in Liang Bua cave on the […]

Community Ecology II: Predators – Crash Course Ecology #5

Of all the ways that species interact on this planet, maybe the one that fascinates us the most is predation, and why not? It’s hard not to be captivated by, say, an Alaska Brown Bear, one of North America’s apex predators, even though they get much of their nutrition from nuts and bugs and berries. […]

Simulating Natural Selection

This video is about natural selection. If you’ve watched the previous videos in this series, you’ve seen these blob creatures live, die, and replicate; but it’s been a little bit artificial. We just gave each type of creature a replication chance and a death chance and we saw what happened. With natural selection though, we […]

Alleles and Genes

Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and Facebook! I don’t remember which grade it was where I learned something about my tastebuds that can never be unlearned, but the event and the lesson with genetics has stuck with me forever. […]

The Dinosaur On Your Dinner Table

Hey smart people, Joe here. This holiday season, I bet many of you are going to be sitting down with family and friends to celebrate. And I bet a lot of you are going to be eating some nice delicious… dinosaur! Birds are dinosaurs! But why is that? That’s what we’re going to talk about […]

Everything We Know About Dinosaur Evolution Just Changed, Here’s Why

We all know by now that most dinosaurs were probably feathered, right? I mean, since the discovery of feathered theropod dinosaur fossils in the mid-1990s, that’s become pretty common knowledge. This year, in 2019, scientists have linked together many fossil and genetic discoveries to address a long-standing question in the paleontological community. When did feathers […]

Relatedness – Tales from the Genome

In general, people find they’re most similar to their immediate family because they’re most related to them. More distant family members still show similarities, but fewer similarities than the closely related family. For example, you might compare yourself to one of your parents, say your mother, and you might be looking at traits that you […]