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The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

Black holes are the largest collections of pure violent energy in the universe. If you come too close, they’ll devour you and add your energy to their collection. And so, the energy is lost to us forever. Or is it? It turns out there’s a universe cheat code. A way of powering civilizations until the […]


Guys the city needs us! It’s morphing time! Ranger Power Red! ! Ranger power yellow Ranger power black! Ranger power… Oh my god! I told you that would end up happening! What did you do this time Bob? What do you mean what did I do? I put the explosives far away as possible as […]

DATA GEMS: How to Access Race Data on

[Music] Hi, my name is Tyson. Today I’m going to show you how to use the advanced search of to access information for one of our most popular topics, Census data by race. I really think you’re going to love all the information you can find with this trick. Let’s see how it works. […]

Mile End Institute: Who represents London?: Ethnicity, gender, and party in local government

Okay welcome one and all thank you so much for coming along this evening to this event facing white supremacy, I am only here to say a very few words and then shut up and get my colleague Nivi Manchanda to introduce the panel hi my name’s Tim Bale and I’m director of the Mile […]

Why the Male Black Widow is a Real Home Wrecker | Deep Look

This episode of Deep Look is brought to you by Curiosity Stream. You know what people say about her. She’s the black widow. She mates, and then she kills, right? Here comes her victim now. He’s smaller, less venomous. Kinda cute. Sweet little guy. But before he gets eaten alive…Let’s talk about this poor sucker […]

‘You don’t have to look black to be black’: The complex racial identity of a tiny Ohio town

With a lot of the people that live out here, you probably wouldn’t take them to be black people. You might not look black but you got the black blood into you. My name is Roberta Jeannette Oiler but I go by Bert for a nickname. I’ve lived here all my life. On my job […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Racial Super Texas

Gavin: You always have a problem where people don’t really know what race you are. Gavin: Because of your face. Gus: And I mean- Gavin: I was- Burnie: Not only do they not know what race he is, They do this odd thing where they will stop him in public and guess. Gus: Mmmhmm Burnie: […]