Film Histories Episode 35 – Inchon

Often being referred to as the forgotten war, the Korean War, has seen lasting of effects in the modern world. But in terms of quantity to other modern wars, Korean War films pale in comparison to films on World War II, or the Vietnam War. That’s not to say there aren’t films on the Korean […]

Dark Souls 3 ► 10 Amazing Community Discoveries

Dark Souls 3 has been out a while And you might that you know everything about it, but Don’t underestimate the depth of what this community can discover That sound you heard at the start That was a voice clip from the Dancer’s opening cutscene But reversed And only less than a week ago, reddit […]

Why ancients drew blue colored gods? – VERSADOCO

Why do we keep referring to something like blue blood? Human blood is actually red. Usually, we use this term specifically to address a member of a wealthy, upper-class family or ancestry. But why exactly blue blood? Not green, not red but blue? We may find an answer in ancient legends and stories. In the […]

New Study Shows Differences in Blood Pressure Variation Across Ethnicity

Recently, there’s been enough prospective data from a lot of studies . . . that have suggested that blood pressure variation may actually be something more important than the level of pressure . . . in terms of causing cardiovascular problems. What we did was study, a group of normotensive women, using 24-hour ambulatory blood […]

Why Does Google Want Your DNA? | reallygraceful

Hey internet friends. Within all of us are traces of the past, present, and future. We carry the imprint of our ancestors which resulted in the sequence of right now— us—in this moment, chock-full of quirks our children will inherit–all written into our DNA: the hereditary material found in everyone, but is so specific and […]

The Texas Vampires

The Texas Vampires. It sounds like the name of a biker gang from a bad TV show. It sounds like a 90’s rave club in Austin wherever people think that eyeliner makes you look edgy. It sounds like a drama in which Jonah Hill and Nic Cage play two men from Houston who have to […]


– The moustache. He deserves to have that moustache removed. (snickers) – Good god. – It’s gone. – They shaved my moustache. They shaved my moustache. – Morgan you look lovely. – You made me bleed! No one makes me bleed my own blood! – Hello Team Mom! Welcome back to another video. And today, […]

I took a DNA test – here are the results.

Hi, I’m Dave from Boyinaband. You like genetics? You like science? Cool. This is for you. The other day I spat in, like, a test tube, and sent it off. And I’ve recently got my results back. Today we’re going to look at what we can find out… …from my DNA. So we’re on the […]