5 Children Separated From Society

5 Children Separated From Society. Number 5. Vanya Yudin is also known as “the Russian Bird Boy”. It is said that when he was found by Russian caseworkers in 2008, he was 7 years old and unable to speak. He did nothing but chirp and flap his arms as if he had wings, and exhibited […]

Victoria Beckham on Her Family

– You’re very private, I’ll say that. So you haven’t been– you were here seven years ago– – Correct. – And I don’t think you’ve done anything in seven years. You don’t do a lot of press. – No, I don’t. You know, I work, and I’m at home looking after the kids. So no, […]

SPEAKING ONLY SPANISH for 24 Hours Challenge **THE ROYALTY FAMILY** | Piper Rockelle

Shalom guys! I hope your days been good but better watch this video today Is going to be a super exciting video but before we get started make sure you turn on your spanish switch right now because as you guys can see by the title we are going to be doing 24 hours speaking […]

Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Ellen Debut

So you’ve been working for a little while.>>Yes.>>But this is your biggest break, right?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s been my biggest, I had one line in Modern Family, and I guest starred in NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy but my biggest role obviously was Stranger Things. And I, yeah, I mean, I really just I had the […]