Timothy Snyder ─ Ukraine and Russia in a Fracturing Europe

Do you think we’re ready to start? OK. I’m Marilyn Rueschemeyer. And I’m a research professor at the Watson Institute. I chair the institute’s lecture series on European politics. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Professor Timothy Snyder, again, to Brown University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree with concentrations in European history and […]

Role of Media in Shaping – and Reflecting – Culture and Society

Good morning. My name is Marisa Quinn. I’m the vice president of public affairs and university relations here at Brown. Welcome. Welcome to the 250th anniversary of your institution. Thank you so much for coming and bringing the sunshine from wherever it is you came from, because we’re very happy to have it gracing us. […]

How Structural Racism Works: Tricia Rose

Hi, good evening, everyone. It’s wonderful to see you here. My name is Rick Locke. I’m a professor here in political science and international public affairs. And also I’m currently serving as the provost and it’s really a great pleasure to welcome you here this evening. And I’m the especially honored to be collaborating with […]

Beloved Kin and Memory Lands: Panel Discussion

THERESA WARBURTON: So one of the things that I’ve mentioned at each of the introductions is that part of what this symposium comes out of is thinking about land acknowledgments and the institutionalization of land acknowledgments at institutions like Brown. What it means to say– start events by saying something like we are on traditional […]

Beloved Kin and Memory Lands: Poetry Reading by Cheryl Savageau

CHERYL SAVAGAEU: I want to read a bit from MotherLand and a little bit from Dirt Road Home. I want to talk about how MotherLand came to be because it was initially conceived as an unhistory. We don’t have anything really called history. What we have are stories. And our stories are usually organized around […]