“White People” | Russell Peters – Notorious

>>Russell Peters: Back in the day, when you would see a white person, you knew they where white, immediately. When I was a kid, if I saw a white person, I didn’t have to ask. If I was like, “Are you white?” They’d be like, “What the fuck else would I be?” [Laughter] But now, […]

Why the Male Black Widow is a Real Home Wrecker | Deep Look

This episode of Deep Look is brought to you by Curiosity Stream. You know what people say about her. She’s the black widow. She mates, and then she kills, right? Here comes her victim now. He’s smaller, less venomous. Kinda cute. Sweet little guy. But before he gets eaten alive…Let’s talk about this poor sucker […]

Folio Society Andrew Lang Complete Rainbow Fairy Book Collection | Beautiful Fairy Tales

Andrew Lang was a Scots poet, novelist and literary critic. One of the greatest ironies of his life is that although he wrote for a living, and published many books of fiction and poetry, as well as articles on anthropology and history, he is best known for the books he did not write – specifically […]

Ethnically Ambiguous – Jordan’s Opening Monologue

People describe me in a lot of different ways. They’ll know me as the Ted Talk guy or that one guy that drives a Vespa. Sometimes they’ll just like know me from those herpes awareness posters. You know, but the description that I definitely get the most is that I’m ethnically ambiguous. Like like, people […]

Timothy Snyder ─ Ukraine and Russia in a Fracturing Europe

Do you think we’re ready to start? OK. I’m Marilyn Rueschemeyer. And I’m a research professor at the Watson Institute. I chair the institute’s lecture series on European politics. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Professor Timothy Snyder, again, to Brown University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree with concentrations in European history and […]