Wadia Family Business Empire (283 Years) | How big is Wadia Group? | Nusli Wadia | Ness wadia

Hello everyone, We have just released a motivational book called “The Singing Panda” The book is a heartfelt guide to achieve your Goals & Success. You can find the link in the description below, and now let’s begin with our video. Hello and welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time let’s start our journey […]

Meet Suzy Welch | A forward thinking journalist | Leaders in Action Society

Area of destiny is this construct where you think about what you should be doing with your life, in terms of thinking about your life, is say, two super highways. The first super highway would be what you’re uniquely good at. And some people are blessed and they’re good at a lot of things, and […]

Science Communication and Society specialisation – Leiden University

So I did a master of Bio-Pharmaceutical Science and I chose the specialization in Science Communication and Society. A lot of people are having doubts and not trusting science, like climate change or vaccines. So our job is to bring science to the wider public. So that they know that science is for everyone, and […]

How to Use the Audit Log: Finding Errors & Transaction Histories: QuickBooks Online US Tutorial 2018

anytime you or any of your company’s users does something in QuickBooks QuickBooks records it onto something called the audit log you can access the audit log by selecting the gear icon and then audit log from the audit log you can see every event that happens in your QuickBooks company file along with the […]

Wilbur Ross explains Huawei, ZTE and US-China relations

Film Histories Episode 38 – Alexander Pantages

A controversial figure in film history, Alexander Pantages, is both a success story and a failure. From building an empire from the ground up, to destroying it in a matter of seconds. We take a look at the man who was once nicknamed King Greek. Alexander Pantages Much of Alexander’s earlier life is shrouded in […]

Community health impacts of factory farms: Steve Wing at TEDxManhattan 2013

The way we eat doesn’t just affect our health it affects other people’s health too hog production in north carolina is a good example since the mid twentieth century livestock production has shifted from pastor based farms to factory operations there are hundreds to over a thousand pigs in each building the feeders are automated […]

Hinduja Family Business Empire (Richest in UK) | How big is Hinduja Group?

Hello and Welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time we will start our journey in London and reach Buckingham Palace, Queen’s residence. Just near the Palace, we will find this 25-bedroom, $500 million house. This is the home of UK’s richest non-royal family, The Hinduja Family. The Hinduja business empire was started way back […]

Duke Fuqua Community Connections – INDUS (South Asian Business Club)

– Hi everyone, first of all thanks to everyone for joining us today. We are all a part of the INDUS cabinet here at Fuqua, and today we’re here to talk everything Fuqua and how INDUS is involved with this Fuqua community. We’re here to answer any of your questions, so feel free to send […]