Non-Probate Transfers in California Estate Planning – The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen

Hi everybody! It’s Andy and welcome again to my office in Modesto, California. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in California as well as New York. In this video, I’m going to go over a California estate law planning technique called a Non-Probate Transfer. Specifically, I’m going to talk about a non-probate transfer called […]

How Receivership can Protect Values in Matters of Trust & Probate – Fiduciary Broker Vlog #6

Hi, I’m Dan Collins – a California licensed real estate broker with expertise in real property matters in Probates and Trusts. I am also a California licensed general contractor and receivership expert. To learn more about receiverships protecting values, please visit my website: I want to tell you about how receivers can be useful […]

5 Questions – California Probate Cases – The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen

Hey everybody it’s Andy and welcome again to my office in Los Altos, California. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in California as well as New York and in this video I’m gonna go over the five questions that I think you should be prepared to answer when you’re dealing with the aftermath of […]

1 Hour Real Estate Exam Crash Course with Irene

Okay, this Joe with PrepAgent. I’m here with my friend Irene. How’s it going, Irene? Good, how are you? Good. So Irene called me today. She’s got an interesting dilemma because her test is tomorrow. It is, what, 9:30 at night, and her test is tomorrow, and you called me saying can you help me […]

California Community Colleges + Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer + Summit 2019

Hi I’m Eloy Ortiz Oakley Chancellor of the California Community Colleges welcoming you to the 2019 California Community Colleges LGBTQ+ Summit at UC Riverside in the heart of the Inland Empire. The lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer questioning and Ally community represents a broad spectrum of voices that cuts across racial ethnic and economic groups. […]

Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire

Heavenly father, please help us. Please help us to be safe. I am thankful for [unclear – Jeremy?] and his willingness to be brave.

A Community United – The Redding Carr Fire

The initial call came over the radio saying there was a vegetation fire at Whiskeytown near the Carr Powerhouse and I left headquarters before the page was finished going out over the air and I could already see it a plume and that that was concerning that there was that much smoke already. When I […]

My Dad Has Two Families… And We Are Not The First One!

Hi. My name is Lisa, and while this story was taking place, my life went all the way to complete chaos. I mean, it’s that kind of story where you question if you are who you are, and if anything you had ever known is real. And all this happened in a about week or […]

A Family Recovery Solution for a Family Disease

Shelly: A family gets sick together and a family gets well together. Patrick: Nobody gets ill in a family system, and it doesn’t affect others. Gayle: It’s a family disease, it doesn’t just happen to the addict and the alcoholic; it happens to the family as well. Everybody is affected by it, and everyone plays […]

Bringing a Community Together Through Tacos

– All Flavor No Grease is a new version of bringing unity to the community through food. (upbeat mood music) Nobody has died on this street, no gunfire within the last, like, five years, for a fact. (upbeat mood music) There’s a ceasefire and a peace treaty going on from the consensus of food on […]