ReactOS Community Edition

Welcome to the ReactOS Community Edition! There are hundreds of apps and drivers which are compatible with Windows. Think about your favorite ones. Wouldn’t it be *better* if we develop full compatibility with your favorite apps and drivers first? That’s the ReactOS Community Edition: You will decide, through your votes, which apps must be fully […]

Stalking Donald Trump | Art Histories

Thousand Dollar Shave Society – Make Babies on Purpose – Luxury Wet Shaving

there comes a time in life when pregnancy isn’t a mistake it’s hitting the target with dead eye it’s called becoming a man and a man doesn’t shave his face with a dollar razor he got from an Internet warehouse club he lathers up with Castle Forbes shave cream and a proper badger brush after […]

The Queen’s Community

I belong to the Queen’s Peer Mentor program and it’s a program that has student volunteers like myself, that are mentors. And we help other students on campus with both non-academic goal setting and academic goal setting. So I really like how at the beginning of the year, they have goals and then we’d make […]

Worldbuilding families, clans, dynasties, tribes and cultures with Professor Lin Foxhall

[Music] Hello, hello, hello everyone! And welcome! We are so thrilled to be with you again this week! Welcome to our world building Theme of the Month livestream. We’re going live every Sunday at 8 o’clock GMT that is I think 12 o’clock PST but you could correct me in the chat. Please do! Today […]

The Vegan Society 2018 Year in Review

This is a network of committed vegans from across the country working together to bring our campaign to their local community. I really enjoyed being a part of the campaigner network for The Vegan Society and their Plate up for the Planet campaign and I would recommend anyone to take part in a similiar campaign. […]

Creating Our Future Campaign, Minnesota Historical Society

(piano music) [Annette Atkins] History has the power to change our lives by giving people the tools to wonder, to imagine, and to remember times before they were alive. (piano music) [Ford Bell] The Minnesota Historical Society preserves all kinds of history of our state. I made a gift to support digitization of the collections […]

Open Society Fellow Zack Exley

The promise of an open society can only be fulfilled by figuring out how to actually make democracy work. We tend to look at democracy as, like, the same way we look at like the public transportation system or something. You know and we complain that it doesn’t work for us. You know, it’s not […]

How to worldbuild Scifi & Fantasy Cultures & Societies: Biology, Families and Dynasties (part 1)

Greetings and Salutations! I’m Janet from World Anvil and today we’re going to talk about how you can create cultures and societies in your worldbuilding project! So we’re going to talk about marriages and families, we’re going to talk about clans or dynasties, and then we’re going to address wider units like tribes and cultures. […]