Society where elderly live happily | Shinsuke Muto | TEDxUTokyo

Translator: Masako Kigami Reviewer: Claire Ghyselen There is a very specific reason for how I practice my medicine. I had a chance to make a house call when I was a doctor at the University of Tokyo Hospital. This is the house of my patient. I was appalled. As I only met him at the […]

MoveMeant: Anonymously Building Community Through Shared Location Histories

Social connections can be difficult to create in dense, urban environments. That’s why we created MoveMeant, a tool to increase local community awareness through shared location traces. MoveMeant collects anonymous location data and aggregates it for a community to spread local knowledge and discovery of third places with MoveMeant, you can get to know your community’s […]

Enroll Now at Cape Fear Community College

At Cape Fear, I can get a head start on my four year degree for thousands less. At Cape Fear, I get to play the sports that I love and get a great education. At Cape Far, I can train at a top ranked school for a high earning career. At Cape Fear, I can […]

Make a difference in your community #CelebrateNationalLottery25

If I was given a thousand pounds of National Lottery funding to use in my community what would I spend it on? I love my local library and with a thousand pounds we could put on so many more incredible events here. Shhhh! Renting a space where people with dementia can be surrounded by memorabilia […]

How to Use the Audit Log: Finding Errors & Transaction Histories: QuickBooks Online US Tutorial 2018

anytime you or any of your company’s users does something in QuickBooks QuickBooks records it onto something called the audit log you can access the audit log by selecting the gear icon and then audit log from the audit log you can see every event that happens in your QuickBooks company file along with the […]

Coming soon – Hilarious Histories!

Gonna get on this thing right now. Is that not cool? Can I – Can I touch it? No? Can I look at it? Alright, I’ll just leave over here… Do I empty my pockets? This is a bit much, guys!

Families Can Be Together Forever

[MUSIC PLAYING – “I Have a Family Here on Earth”] I have a family here on earth, They are so good to me. I want to share my life with them to all eternity. Families can meet to gather forever through Heavenly Father’s plan. I always want to be with my own family and the […]

Manchester Histories Festival

Manchester Histories is a charity that works throughout the year but especially at the great Manchester Histories Festival every June and the idea behind it is to celebrate the history of our city and of course few cities in the world of a history like Manchester it’s a democratic history not the story of elites, […]

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Mascotas en mi Γ‘rbol familiar

hello welcome to my FindRoots channel today I want to introduce you to someone who has been very special in my life her name is Sandy and she lived with me 15 years old and already 2 years old already passed away she was very special to me as well as with the people we […]