Family Secrets Revealed: So Much I Didn’t Know!

– He was in it. I might start to cry. (both laugh) Hey friends, and welcome back to my channel. I’m AmandaMuse, and today I have a question for you. So, raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about where you come from. I’ve teamed up with Ancestry, who is sponsoring today’s […]

Subject Headings

In this tutorial you’ll learn what Subject Headings are and how to use them in your search. By using Subject Headings you can often avoid frustration. You will save time and locate useful terms that might not have occurred to you. The index at the end of a book is similar to tagging in Facebook. […]

Haida Carver: Ancient Stories and Connecting with Ancestors

The art and the stories, everything about our culture is tied to the land. Haida art is steeped in our ancestors’ knowledge. It’s something that has been passed down to us. I’ve heard Haida art described as a dance between flow and form. Everything comes out of the shape before it. I started carving probably […]

The Mennonite Drug Connection – the fifth estate

[ ♪ ] [ Sirens Blaring ]>>Bob: It started as a routine traffic stop, or so it seemed. [ Radio Chatter ]>>Bob: When police in Oklahoma pulled over a vehicle driven erratically. At the wheel was a man named Abraham Wiebe. With a drunk driving conviction on his record already, another would mean jail time. […]

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 6

I’ve been working on a project called the Dragon Center Stories Commemoration Project And so what we did was, we actually honored a shopping mall in Scarborough, it just so happens to be actually the first Chinese Canadian shopping mall, and actually in the first Chinese shopping mall in all of North America. And so […]

Cattle Halter – Hilarious Histories with Nile Séguin

Hi I’m Nile Séguin. Invented in 1940 I present to you, the Halter. No, this is not some kind of punk rock form of birth control although probably it could double as that. The Halter has nails in the mouth piece that when worn by a calf would prevent it from nursing. Yeah I would […]

Cardiac Pacemaker with Nile Séguin – Hilarious Histories

Hello I’m Nile Séguin for Hilarious Histories. Now check out this fossil of a pacemaker. It was originally designed to send electrical currents to your heart to stimulate rhythmic heartbeat. Now with today’s technologies it basically looks like a glorified Doctor Ho’s physical therapy pad. UUUUUR. No? Give me a second I got this. Let […]

X-Ray Shoe Fitter with Nile Séguin – Hilarious Histories

This is the X-Ray shoe fitter, and it is exactly what it sounds like. This machine would scan the bones of your feet to make sure that your shoes fit properly. These things were in shoe stores all across North America. This is the device. There’s a little door here which, I think serves no […]

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories Part 1. Institutional vs Community Archives

Well, I am not an archivist. [LAUGHS] I think that sort of brings in some neutral space into the work I do, because I’m not a scientist of archives. I work with people and communities. And I work at ‘technically’ a community archive. I think the feeling is at the ArQuives A-R-Q-U-I-V-E-S that our history […]

Bug Death Potato Duster – Hilarious Histories with Nile Séguin

And finally, the potato duster. Originally created by Bug Death chemical company, it has been striking fear in the hearts of cockroaches since 1910. The potato duster was manufactured in St. Stephen New Brunswick and it was used to dust potato fields getting rid of small rodents and insects. So that meant adios Stewart Little, […]