ONCE®, The Replacement Parts Cataloguing Solution

elcome.co.uk We know that data drives the replacement parts market And Elcome has been at the forefront of both technology and innovation in this industry for over 18 years. Our knowledge and experience has led us to develop ONCE We appreciate the amount of data you need to process is vast and multifaceted. Coming in […]

The Power Of Cataloging Your Thoughts

It really is a powerful way to put content out to have that freedom to talk about whatever you want and then to have the secondary step of where you decide how to actually post produce so for this next topic I want to talk about my topic list which is here on the screen […]

2016 Evergreen Indiana Fall Cataloging Roundtable – Record Buckets and Merging

Good morning! My name is Britta Dorsey, and I am a cataloger at Thorntown Public Library. The first part in today’s roundtable is merging records, and I’ll be going over that with you. Monica Boyer will be going over transferring volumes and copies in the second part. The merge function allows you to eliminate duplicate […]

Evergreen Indiana 2016 Spring Cataloging Roundtable

Good Morning! My name is Monica Boyer. I’m with the Jackson County Public Library. And Mary Kay and I are going to split up the roundtable today. I’m going to begin by talking about Item Status I know that Item Status is probably going to be a review for a lot of you, but there […]

Original cataloging

Hello everyone. This video will demonstrate how to create original bibliographic records in WorldShare Record Manager. For information on policies and standards for contributing original records to WorldCat, consult bibliographic formats and standards at www.oclc.org/bibformats. When you have searched WorldCat and determined that you need to contribute a new record, there are two ways to […]