How to Draw a Stick Figure (School of Youtube)

Anyone can draw a stick figure – all you need is a circle and five straight lines… four straight lines… one straight line and a curvy one? The point is, there’s no right or wrong way to draw a stick figure. So here’s how you do it. Maybe. Step one – the head. Draw a […]

How to Become the British Monarch

How to become the British Monarch: Historically, the crown sat upon your head mostly because you had the biggest army. When you died usually your eldest son kept control over that army and so the crown relocated to his head, though, of course, someone with a bigger army could change the political landscape quite abruptly. […]

Brief History of the Spanish Royal Family

1469: The start of the Spanish royal family. Well there were many kings on the Iberian Peninsula before and during this time… …but 1469 marked the union of the two major dynasties, with the marriage of Ferdinand the second of Aragon and Isabella the first of Castile. Famous for helping columbus sailed the ocean blue […]

Ask Grey a Question

Hello internet, I’m back to collect your questions for another Q&A with Grey. If you’d like to ask me something, … … please click the link to the Reddit to do so. And if you don’t want to ask something… … you can still really help by voting other people’s questions up or down. Oh, […]

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

Welcome to the United Kingdom (and a Whole Lot More) explained by me, C. G. P. Grey. United Kingdom? England? Great Britain? Are these three the same place? Are they different places? Do British people secretly laugh those who use the terms incorrectly? Who knows the answers to these questions? I do, and I’m going […]

* Parallel and Cross Cousins Explained

Some families divide first cousins into two groups : Parallel and Cross. Let’s focus on you for a second to make this easier to think about. Now, your father’s brother’s children and your mother’s sister’s children are your parallel cousins. That’s when the sex of your parent matches the sex of their sibling. The sex […]

Brief History of the Royal Family

1066! The start of the royal family on these fair isles. Well, there were kings and mini countries before that and druids before that, and Pangaea before that, but we have to start somewhere and a millennia ago is plenty far — if that leaves out Æthelred the Unready, so it goes. William the Conqueror, […]

The Rules for Rulers

Do you want to rule? Do you see the problems in your country and know how to fix them? If only you had the power to do so. Well, you’ve come to the right place. But before we begin this lesson in political power, ask yourself why don’t rulers see as clearly as you… …instead […]

The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained (Part 1)

The Lord of the Rings has lots of different kinds of people: Elven people, dwarvin people, tree people, half-sized people, even people people. There’s, like, a million pages of background explaining this world that goes much deeper than the books or the movies but if you don’t want to read it all, here’s a four-minute […]

Your Family Tree Explained

This is you, this is your family tree and this is Your Family Tree Explained. You have parents, and your parents have parents. These are your grandparents, who also have parents – your great grandparents. Keep adding parents, keep adding “greats”. For every “G” in the name there is one generation in between you and […]