Enabling Community Contributions ft. Tom Scott

Community contributions Hey what’s up my name is Ali, I’m a Creative Strategist here at YouTube. We wanted to make an episode about community contributions so I spoke to Tom Scott who has been using this tool for quite a while. Community contributions is a tool that allows your audience to transcribe or translate your […]

Foster a positive community – featuring Jackie Celona from jrcpr0ductions

Foster a positive community On YouTube, you have an opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Here are a few key tips that help you more easily moderate your community, protect your privacy, and stay safe online. Set the tone of your conversation Setting a good example in your comments and behavior can […]

Engage Your Audience With Community Posts

The cool thing about the Community tab is it allows us to reach out and interact with our audience, via quick, bite-sized pieces of content or questions. It’s nice to ask them “What’s your favorite topic here on my channel?” “Well, I like grammar, or I like pronunciation “or I like when you have some […]

Creating with Common Sense: YouTube Community Guidelines

If you create content for YouTube it’s important to understand our Community Guidelines. Common-sense rules that anyone using YouTube needs to follow to keep their videos and account in good standing. If these aren’t followed, content may be flagged by the community and after review, could be removed, age-gated or possibly have features restricted on […]

Build your YouTube community – featuring Kalista Elaine

One of the most powerful things about YouTube is that you can make a name for yourself, no matter what you’re passionate about. Whether it’s lifestyle content, online gaming, or sketch comedy you can build a supportive and inclusive community around you. Building a community takes time and effort. So try to stay positive, even […]

5 Guiding Principles To Building Your Community on YouTube