Community-Based Learning: Connecting Students With Their World

>>Matt: Seventy-five percent of last year’s graduating class participated in community-based learning. It’s not required, it’s not anything that they have to do for graduation, but I think the numbers speak for themselves, an important quality of living is to be curious. Students have an opportunity to take the community-based learning program, and that encompasses […]

Module 2: Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) meet Microsoft Teams

Our school has a great topic for a book study this school year to help us in meeting our student achievement targets. What we need now is a way to keep everyone organized and learning collaboratively. We’re going to see how Teams can help drive the success of our professional learning community. We log into […]

Community Projects: Hands-On Learning With a Purpose

(metal clicks) – [Student] That one won’t go. – When we turn on the hoverboard, what’s gonna happen? – [Student] It’s gonna hit. – Because our students participate in meaningful projects, they are able to think outside of the box. They learn empathy and realize that their dreams may become a reality. (clapping) – Are […]

Weekly Circles: Building Community to Foster Academic Achievement

(children talking) – Victor, I love your ability to admit that you wanna do better at times, and then how committed you are to doing that. Circles are a time for the community to come together and develop themselves as individuals, develop their relationships, and really address community work. And we actually believe that by […]

Make lifelong connections in the Microsoft Educator Community

– There is a feeling of being valued and understood as an educator. (upbeat music) (children laughing) – My vision of education is us learning together. – It’s the idea that each day we come, whether you’re in the nicest place or the hardest place. – My students benefit from whatever I learn on the […]

Social Contracts Foster Community in the Classroom

>>Cristina: Before we get started, I really want to go over the Social Contract that we created in the beginning of the year.>>Takila: Because we do Social Contracts, students feel a sense of empowerment. They work collaboratively and monitor their own interactions. Students develop positive relationships with the teacher and their peers alike.>>Brooklyn: We were […]

Trees and Squirrels (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] [ Students quietly talking ] Good. Now we’re going to move to my next game, which is Trees and Squirrels. Now, what I’m going to do, I’m going to — my trees. How do we make a tree? Stand up, here, Jesus. If I put you guys as a partner, okay, you’re […]