TV Interview with European Wilderness Society in Ukraine on climate crisis and return of the wolf.

You know, I am thumbing this nice magazine. It says that the wolf is very friendly. But if I saw him in the forest, I wouldn´t know, how to act. You will definitely know this, if you visit an exhibition “Human and Wilderness coexistence”. I have guests: Iryna Shchoka – organizer of an exhibition and […]

Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire

Heavenly father, please help us. Please help us to be safe. I am thankful for [unclear – Jeremy?] and his willingness to be brave.

Plan Vivo – The Carbon, Ecosystems & Community Standard & Network

Since 1994 a network has been growing, working with rural communities. The first project started in Mexico, but the network Plan Vivo spread across the world. The communities are at the very heart, working on a projects to restore ecosystems and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their own land. “Inspirational aspect of this project, for […]

How Coastal Communities Are Already Retreating from Rising Seas

As sea levels rise, hundreds of millions of people around the world will have to move to higher ground. The reality is that we can’t hold back the water by surrounding ourselves with walls, and in some places, the floods are already here. Coastal communities struggling to adapt to rising seas are beginning to do […]

UNFCCC’s Patricia Espinosa: Working towards a low-carbon society for “the well-being of people”

Climate change is really about the well-being of people. It is not a very vague concept or a vague problem that is out of our everyday lives. It actually is affecting our everyday lives, and this is the fundamental fact that everybody should keep in mind while working towards a low-carbon society. We will need […]

Sustainable Community – Renewable

– This is Peter, and this is Peter’s building. Unless you are watching this outside, the kind of building that you are probably in right now along with all the other buildings that you live and work in make up nearly 40% of our total carbon emissions. But the buildings that Peter builds are different, […]

THAT FAMILY – MFF ACT NOW on Climate Change

The water is gone, our hopes are gone. A pipe opened by God knows how long. The hashtag “Close The Tap” is already a trend [♪Pipe♪] This may be one of the worst moments in history. [♪It’s been over a year♪] Is it true what they say about the tap? We do not affirm or deny […]

Greta & Svante Thunberg – Straight Talk

SVANTE THUNBERG: With the situation we have today you have to, you know… Go out! You know… Leave the charted area. Get off the maps. Do new stuff! STUART SCOTT: I want to thank you all for coming to another ScientistsWarning program. Your hosts: Myself, Stuart Scott and Victoria Hurth. We’re coming to you live […]

What If We Burned 20,000,000 Trees?

Hello my friends and welcome back to Life’s Biggest Questions. I’ll be your host Jarred Bronstein and today we’re answering the very scary question What If 20 Million Trees Burned Down? Now before we get into it make sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification so you never miss a video. Also, drop us […]