God Bless These People | Family Reunion | Netflix

Family, I have an announcement. After 15 years of playing pro ball, I’ve decided to hang up my cleats. Go bring your rusty butt on back here, then. -I am. We’re moving back to Columbus. -[gasps] My baby! God has answered my prayer! Won’t he do it! Won’t he do it! [laughs] [yells playfully] We think […]

Peter Speaks At Angela’s Funeral | Season 17 Ep. 9 | FAMILY GUY

Telling It Like It Is | Family Reunion | Netflix

No one dishes it out like family. Get ready to be old-schooled. Nothing like family to keep you woke. And telling it like it is. Ready. -Call ’em out. -Let me hear it, let me hear it. Rapid fire. I remember being punished. We knew we had it coming, and it was coming hard. I […]

Jeff Horste on Performing in Detroit and Nudist Colonies – Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level

Welcome to “The Next Level.” Right now, I’m here with my guy, all the way from Detroit and the heart of the city. I’m talking about Jeff Horste, ladies and gentlemen. Give him some love. Jeff Horste. Let’s talk about Detroit, man. You know, you play shows with black audiences. What adjustments do you feel […]

Pete Davidson: SMD – Coping with a Family Tragedy – Uncensored

– We’ll do some 9/11 jokes, and then we’ll get the fuck out of here. How’s that sound? [laughs] It’s hard to transition into anything. I don’t have–I don’t know if you’ve noticed anything about my comedy, but there’s– there’s not many transitions. It’s very, like, “Dick, fuck, Dad.” Like, it’s, like, very straightforward, easy-listening […]

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Meg Has A Sexy Dream About Santa | Season 18 Ep. 9 | FAMILY GUY

Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne And ‘Instant Family’ Cast Talk New Film | TODAY

Impractical Jokers – Toenail DNA Test | truTV

Have you ever had an ancestry test done before? -No. -Okay. Great, and did you bring your toe-nail clippings? Okay, and then you brought the to– you brought the toenail clippings in? Oh, no. They didn’t tell me to do that. Sal, call Chase in and chastise him. Chase? Can you please come in? ♪♪ […]

Unicorn Rescue Society: Uchenna Sings Karaoke

Unicorn Rescue Society-y We have adventures with our mythical creatures Follow our channel for all our videos and all the fun stuff that we post here! And if you like them go to our website and if you’re awesome You could be a member too! When did you have time to write those lyrics? Write […]