Making the Business Case: Improving Health in African American Communities

[MUSIC PLAYING] 45 million African Americans; 76 percent Obese & Overweight Adults; 40 percent High Blood Pressure; 48 percent Smoke Cigarettes Local Leaders & Businesses can help make healthy living easier in African American communities. People of color in this community continue to be the ones with [the] highest degrees of diabetes, highest degrees of […]

Youth & Community Development Overview – Peace Corps

Peace Corps is a life-defining leadership experience. Volunteers live, learn, and work with a community overseas for 27 months, providing assistance in a variety of program areas, including youth and community development. Peace Corps volunteers act as catalysts for change in a wide variety of locally sustainable projects, working with students, parents, and other community […]

Helping Your Community Through Volunteering

Why do people volunteer? A good question after a lot of brain strain, I still have no answer For many years I walked around the area I live for exercise and relaxation I encountered many people while walking and we would pass each other without saying a word Out of blue I decided to smile […]