Marcelino J. Alvarez: Be a Designer of Community

(light upbeat music) (applause) – I’d like to tell you all a story about community, about the effects that government, oppressive regimes, and failed foreign policies can have on a community, specifically the smallest unit of community: the family. These are my grandparents. They were married in Havana, Cuba in 1952. Just nine years later, […]

Helmet Bro: The Animated Series – The Final Teemo | League of Legends Community Collab

*Carelessly thrown helmet* *Excited text appears* “Dude Names” *Helmet Bro Snoring Happily* *Explosion* “ENEMY QUADRA-KILL!” *Quickly exits Helmet House *Throws on his mobility boots* *ghost for added “quick”* #JustTeemoThings “Hup” Dat Ass *SWOOSH* “NANI?!” *Strongly Despairs* *Anger* *Teemo thinks to himself* “shit” *STRONG FIST* *Gone* “Wuuaaahhh” *Leaf Strong Whirlwind* *It was at this moment* *Teemo […]

HarvardX: Health and Society: PH201x About Video

ICHIRO KAWACHI: Why are some people healthy and others are not? MONICA WANG: In terms of the neighborhoods in which you live, does where you live matter over and above your individual choices? ICHIRO KAWACHI: Why is it that some countries have citizens who live long and healthy lives, whereas in other countries, life is […]

The Parks Community Centre, South Australia, 1981

Thirty years ago the district which is now known informally as The Parks, was something of a wasteland. And then along came the Housing Trust, and they built on this land three or four thousand houses, in which have lived for the last thirty years, about fifteen thousand people. Unfortunately for the people that lived […]

The UC Davis Campus and Community! Pre-Arrival for International Students

Welcome to the University of California at Davis! My friend Scrunch and I are here to help give you an idea of what life in Davis is like by showing you some fun and unique places on campus and around town. This is the Quad, which is the heart of the UC Davis campus. It’s […]