Ethnicity vs. Race | Part 2 of 2: Connections Through Sociological Perspectives

Nitin Deckha: Now we’re going to look at how the sociological perspectives would look at issues of race and ethnicity. We’ve got functionalists again, and they would look at the issue of ethnic enclaves in an interesting way. Think about ethnic enclaves, what we’ve seen with the history of multiculturalism and even the growth of […]

I Made Friends With A 102-Year-Old Woman By Accident

– The Internet can be a dark place, but occasionally there’s a spot of light. One day, I was sitting here at work at BuzzFeed, and I get this strange email. It’s someone just telling me about their life, telling me about how they have book club tomorrow, how the tree outside of their window […]

Etymology: Some History of Proto-Indo-European

Welcome to the Endless Knot! Today a meta-episode, in which we look at what the etymology of the word “etymology” tells us about how etymology works! Words have a past, and like all of us they can change as they grow—so it’s often important to consider their etymology, or history. Words are, in a sense, […]