The End of Polish Democracy – Pilsudski and the Sanacja Regime | BETWEEN 2 WARS | 1935 Part 2 of 4

Hitler will call it “a so-called state lacking every national, historical, historical, cultural and moral foundation.” Molotov will call it “the monstrous bastard of the Peace of Versailles”. Keynes will call it “an economic impossibility whose only industry is Jew-baiting”. Others will call it “a farce” or “pathological” or “a historical failure”. The country these […]

Film Histories Episode 33 – Orion Pictures

At one point, it was one of the most powerful production companies in Hollywood. Producing instant classics that are forever etched in film history. But for every classic there were ten disasters, which ultimately cost the company, and led to their downfall. The history of Orion Pictures. In 1979, three executives at United Artists left […]

Majority Thinks President Donald Trump’s Actions In Ukraine Were Wrong: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Open Society Foundations and Africa

This continent is changed out of all recognition from what it was in the early ’80s and was confronted by a series of repressive governments with no democracy, no freedom of speech. There’s so much hope for the continent. In spite of the paradox: it’s a rich continent with a lot of poor people. But […]

Civil Society and the UNCAC Review Process: The Review Tools