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Making Sense of the Donkey Kong Family Tree

A long time ago, I quickly asserted that the Donkey Kong from the GameBoy version of Donkey Kong was actually Donkey Kong Jr. and the father of the modern tie loving gorilla. I’d like to spend a little more time covering specifically why this makes sense. What we know for sure is there have been […]

Relatives Genealogical Software

As your family grows and you welcome new members it can be important to remember where they came from. The problem is keeping track all those branches in root to the family tree. RELATIVES is a simple to use program that will help you visualize your family tree as far back as you want. With […]

What’s a Second Cousin Once Removed?

Let’s start with the basics. This is Bob. We’ll use him to show different relationships with his family. Bob’s immediate family consists of his brother, his sister, and his parents. We can make this a whole lot simpler by just showing one of Bob’s parents. This now represents Bob’s mom or dad. We’ll do the […]