The Norse Pantheon: Crash Course World Mythology #10

Hey there, I’m Mike Rugnetta and this is Crashcourse Mythology. Today we’re going to try to do justice to the Norse pantheon–a very scary wolf, an amazing tree, a rainbow bridge, some frost giants, and way more than what I learned from reading Thor comics. No, not you, Thoth. Your th is a plosive. We’re […]

Family Obligations: Crash Course Philosophy #43

For most of you, your parents brought you into this world. They also fed you, and changed your diapers, and wiped your tears. They raised you. Yet, according to contemporary American philosopher Jane English, once you’re grown, you don’t owe your parents anything. Not a single thing. Now, this might sound a little selfish. A […]

Chordates – CrashCourse Biology #24

Next time someone asks you who you think you are, just give them the facts. You’re a mammalian amniotic tetrapodal sarcopterygiian osteichthyan gnathostomal vertebrate cranial chordate. Yeah, it’s a mouthful. And in order to understand what it means, you’re going to have to understand the most complex group of animals on earth, and what it […]

Eugenics and Francis Galton: Crash Course History of Science #23

Most famous scientists picked a thing. But a few polymaths, like Aristotle and Ibn Sina, picked everything. Francis Galton, one of the most important thinkers in the generation after Darwin, fell into column B. Hardcore. Galton was a co-founder of a range of scientific disciplines, including meteorology, psychology, forensics, and above all statistics. He was […]

Why Human Ancestry Matters: Crash Course Big History 205

Hi there, I’m Emily Graslie and welcome to Crash Course Big History. Today, we’ll be discussing human ancestry and genealogy – important for understanding where we come from and how we relate to each other today. Looking at the modern science on the topic, the evidence points toward conclusions that unify humanity into a closely […]

The Immigration History of the United States of America

Immigration. It’s been the defining characteristic of America since before our country even began, so it’s important to remind ourselves of our rich history…of where we all came from to create this one-of-a-kind melting pot of people that is the United States in the 21st century. The first successful colony in America was established in […]

Émile Durkheim on Suicide & Society: Crash Course Sociology #5

So, the fact that we have society at all is kind of amazing. Think about it: People with different interests, different amounts of money, members of different subcultures, races, and sexual orientations, somehow all manage to hold together, in this thing we call society. A thing that, at least kind of, works. But it doesn’t […]