Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Family Feud Part 1 – Ep 622 – 3rd October, 2017

Greetings. Welcome to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100.’ Relations are an integral part of our lives in which, we seek happiness. Whatever may be the label all of them are important for us and we adore them. But what if these relations are built on lies greed and betrayal? Can a relation built on these foundations […]

Law & Order: SVU – A Family Destroyed (Episode Highlight)

Paradigm of Reality – Right Action, Individualism and Selfishness in a Collective Society

On the topic of logic as your core value, and using right action mind sets, to fuel your mind: How do we integrate this belief and way of thinking into society? Me and Jae, we talked about how preserving the collective organism (which is society) is the only way forward. But the contrast was made […]