Ethnicity vs. Race | Part 2 of 2: Connections Through Sociological Perspectives

Nitin Deckha: Now we’re going to look at how the sociological perspectives would look at issues of race and ethnicity. We’ve got functionalists again, and they would look at the issue of ethnic enclaves in an interesting way. Think about ethnic enclaves, what we’ve seen with the history of multiculturalism and even the growth of […]

Ethnicity vs. Race | Part 1 of 2: The Vertical Mosaic and the Story of Canada

Nitin Deckha: Today we’re going to talk about the difference between ethnicity and race, and in the context of Canada. Ethnicity is often confused with race and we often use it interchangeably in everyday speech. That’s all right, but in sociology, we want to have a little bit of more distinction and they are quite […]