Can You Pronounce The Most Common Vietnamese Last Name?

– What up internet? My name is Nancy and today I’m gonna be walking around the BuzzFeed office trying to see if my coworkers know how to say my last name. How long have we been friends? – Almost a year? – A little over a year. – For a good half a year. – […]

Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 1/3)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUNDS OF AMAZON] HAMILTON MORRIS: Hello. I’m Hamilton Morris. We’re currently boating through flooded forests on our way to meet the Mayoruna Indians, a formerly cannibalistic tribe who use a strange frog derived drug they call sapo. They use it to give themselves energy before hunting. They use it to abort pregnancies by […]

Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: We’re on the side of a mountain. And there’s about thousands of marijuana plants around us. -This is like, two, three hectares– like 20, 30,000 plants. And then you know that you’re going to find a champion there if you look long enough. It’s a massive field, full of pot. KRISHNA […]

Tobi Lutke, Founder &CEO of Shopify | Core Summit 2019

My distinct honor to introduce our next fireside chat. We’d underscore have been investors in commerce for a long time. And so it’s a real privilege to have one of the best entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the commerce space with us today. Toby Luka and he will be joined by his own board member […]

Child Brides That Escaped the Sexual Abuse of Polygamist Cult FLDS

English Listening Comprehension – Talking About Your Family in English

how are your English listening skills first you’ll see an image and here a question next comes a short dialogue listen carefully and see if you can answer correctly we’ll show you the answer at the end a man and a woman are talking who lives with the man I’d like to introduce you to […]

Worldbuilding families, clans, dynasties, tribes and cultures with Professor Lin Foxhall

[Music] Hello, hello, hello everyone! And welcome! We are so thrilled to be with you again this week! Welcome to our world building Theme of the Month livestream. We’re going live every Sunday at 8 o’clock GMT that is I think 12 o’clock PST but you could correct me in the chat. Please do! Today […]

Voter ethnicity arises as main variable in upcoming U.S. presidential elections

Less than five days and counting, that’s what’s left until the U.S. presidential election,… and the race is becoming tighter by the day. And experts say that the turnout rate of black and Latino voters can rise as the main variable on the day of the election. Kim Hyo-sun has more. With less than a […]

Taryn Simon: The stories behind the bloodlines

This is Shivdutt Yadav, and he’s from Uttar Pradesh, India. Now Shivdutt was visiting the local land registry office in Uttar Pradesh, and he discovered that official records were listing him as dead. His land was no longer registered in his name. His brothers, Chandrabhan and Phoolchand, were also listed as dead. Family members had […]

What I am learning from my white grandchildren — truths about race | Anthony Peterson | TEDxAntioch

Translator: Priscilla R. A. Reviewer: Queenie Lee Damon was five years old when he asked his Aunt Lily the question: “Lily … am I black or am I white?” I don’t know if his Aunt Lily was surprised by the question. She said, “Well, your mum is white and your dad is white, so you’re […]