Bass Santana – drown out your thoughts with this (feat Kin$oul)

This little shitty booty ass nigga can’t really no stomach stink cooking better bring me that apple juice if Misha can’t find me that apple juice Hop out be late Jumping out the roof What you wanna do When you wanna go Hop out be late Jumping out the roof What you wanna do I […]

What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You

– It’s something that I don’t usually talk about because I’m afraid that I’m making people uncomfortable. It’s something that affects me in almost every aspect of life. (gentle pleasant music) (whooshing) (hinges creak) – There’s something about having dark skin on a woman’s body that shapes the way she moves through the world. There’s […]

The Family Tree | Mortified | S1E21

(“Mortified Theme Song”) ♫ Someone tell me what is going on ♫ ‘Cause I don’t understand ♫ There must be somewhere I belong ♫ Some place I won’t run and hide ♫ Tell me are you on my side ♫ Why can’t I just be myself ♫ Why ♫ Get me out of here ♫ […]

Planet Coaster | Society Park Part 48 | Neon Station

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Society Park Last week we started of in this new area by constructing the monorail station. As some of you might have already seen there was a roller coaster in the background. I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting in showing this […]

Dark Season 3 Questions | Netflix Dark Final Season

Hey guys, Pete here. today I’m gonna talk about the big questions that Dark season 2 left unanswered and what we can expect to get answers for in season 3. Dark can be confusing what with characters moving through time and each season seems to ask more questions than it answers. in this video I’ll […]