Ultron VS Sigma (Marvel VS Capcom) | DEATH BATTLE!

Boomstick: Check out 23andMe, a DNA testing service that can offer insight into your ancestry, health, wellness, and traits. The 23andMe Health and Ancestry service includes reports on how your DNA can influence your weight, sleep quality, sense of taste and more. It’s super easy to do. Ya just spit into the tube and mail […]

Wario VS King Dedede (Mario VS Kirby) | DEATH BATTLE!

This Mother’s Day for a limited time only 23andme is taking $30 off their health and ancestry kit until May 13th It’s a fantastic gift to celebrate what makes moms special through personalized genetic insights on health traits and more. It’s really simple to use It’s really simple to use I used the kit myself […]

Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon (Mortal Kombat VS F-Zero) | DEATH BATTLE!

Chad: Have you been running late in the morning? Because you’re accidentally sleeping in. Guess what? It might have something to do with your genes. Ben: No kidding. I’ve tried it myself and it’s really easy to mail in your sample in just a few steps. To see what you’re genes have to say about […]

Black Widow VS Widowmaker (Marvel VS Overwatch) | DEATH BATTLE!

Chad: Today we’ve got data on basically everything we want to learn about and with 23andMe this includes your own DNA. Ben: With over 125 generic reports 23andMe can give you insight about your health, traits, ancestry and so much more. Chad: Have you been running late in the morning? Because you’re accidentally sleeping in. […]

Thanos VS Darkseid (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!

Chad: Hey guys, before we get started, I want to tell you about 23andme, which is a DNA testing service. It’s named after the 23 chromosomes that make up your DNA. It’s a great way to find out about your family history, your wellness, and it’s super easy to do. All you to do is […]

Mega Man Battle Royale | DEATH BATTLE!

Boomstick: Today we’ve got access to all sorts of personalized data and 23andme can help you learn about yourself with the most trustworthy source around. Your own DNA. Wiz: With more than 125 genetic reports; 23 and Me can give you insight about your health physical traits and more. Boomstick: Feel like you can never […]

Aquaman VS Namor (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

Wiz: You can discover the secrets hidden within your own DNA with a single kit from 23andMe. With more than 125 genetic reports 23andMe provides numerous insights into your genetic history and health. Boomstick: Yeah like how the saturated fat and weight report can detail how your genetics affects your body’s response to what you’ve […]