Making the Business Case: Improving Health in African American Communities

[MUSIC PLAYING] 45 million African Americans; 76 percent Obese & Overweight Adults; 40 percent High Blood Pressure; 48 percent Smoke Cigarettes Local Leaders & Businesses can help make healthy living easier in African American communities. People of color in this community continue to be the ones with [the] highest degrees of diabetes, highest degrees of […]

REACH- Community Diabetes Education — Medical University of South Carolina

Mrs. Delagard, a 76-year-old, was scheduled to have her leg amputated. One of her family members came to a community REACH diabetes education class and talked with a community health advisor about Mrs. Delagard’s problems. As a result she has her leg. Diabetes was really a closeted issue. Even people who are on insulin often […]

Family History Of Diabetes : Advance Warning System

Family history is an advanced warning system. Diabetes is a family concern. Diabetes in the family tells everyone to be alert. To take care for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are different. Type 1 diabetes is uncommon. It signals that the immune system is not working properly. Mother […]

Man’s arm nearly rots off after drinking too many fizzy drinks – Live News 24

MOST people think the worst fizzy drinks can do is cause tooth decay or weight gain  However, it turns out the sugary drinks can have a horrifying effect on other parts of the body – as proven by Mohd Razin Mohamed  The former telecommunications engineer, 56, from Kuala Lumpur, nearly lost his arm after developing […]

23andMe Commercial (Michael Jordan Ancestry Testing)

– Ancestry kits are more popular than ever. – They track information like where your DNA comes from. – Or what medical conditions you’re predisposed to. – But come on, you wanna know the cool stuff, right? Like, am I related to Michael Jordan? – [Announcer] Introducing the new 23andMe, the only ancestry kit to […]