Martin Luther: Protest of the Princes | Episode 25 | Lineage

In 1529, the second Diet of Spires convened right here. The first was in 1526, which gave each state full liberty in religious affairs. In 1529, all the German princes gathered here along with representatives of the church. The church’s desire was to crush out the heresy of the Reformation first by peaceable means, but […]

Chasing Chisos | Conversations In Big Bend (Documentary, 4K)

(dramatic electronic music) – Good morning. – Yeah. – Got some sort of shallow focus, so you’re gonna have to kinda constantly turn that– – Yeah. So, we are out in the Chihuahuan Desert, is that right? What desert are we in? – [Landon] Yeah, yeah. – We’re in Terlingua, an Airbnb, it’s like seven […]

Martin Luther Discovers The Bible | Episode 18 | Lineage

There are certain events that have such significance that they are referred to as turning points of history. The life of Martin Luther would have such significance that it deserves to be thus classified. But sometimes big things come in small packages, and sometimes major world events have humble beginnings. On the 10th of November, […]

Oldest “Human Ancestor” Skeleton Discovered — Evolution Rocks!

with have found something new in our or depth look at this reminisce otherwise known as a party for short acute little named for her and she was actually eight-year i’m sorry million years all within lucy anxious for four point four million years ago and uh… he goes in what length that we thought […]

Out of Place: The Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality (Part 2)

Myseum Connects: Documenting Diverse Histories – Part 6

I’ve been working on a project called the Dragon Center Stories Commemoration Project And so what we did was, we actually honored a shopping mall in Scarborough, it just so happens to be actually the first Chinese Canadian shopping mall, and actually in the first Chinese shopping mall in all of North America. And so […]

What was Bismarck’s Opinion about German Colonies? | NYK

Otto von Bismarck’s opinion regarding German colonies changed more than once during his time as chancellor. Prior to the unification of Germany, Prussia was several times in the position to gain control of land outside Europe. One reason as to why that never happened was Bismarck’s dislike for colonial conquest. In a letter, he explained […]

Stalking Donald Trump | Art Histories

F1 Livery Histories: HONDA

Hello and welcome to F1 Livery Histories the channel where we take a look back at the different paint jobs, racing trims and sponsor decals adopted by respective Formula One teams throughout the eras. Today we’ll be taking a look back at Formula One’s first ever team of Asian origin. A team which has realized […]

How a Somali Refugee Is Creating Community in Minnesota

(soft music) – [Hudda] I vividly remember the Civil War in Somalia. Of course there was fear there. It was not a safe place for us. And that’s the reason why we left our own country. – [Minnie] When Hudda landed in the U.S. she had no idea that her neighbors would be afraid of […]