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The Conspiracy Files: Putin, The FBI and Donald Trump – the fifth estate

[ ♪♪ ] >>Bob: It is as much a city of the 19th century or the Cold War as it is of today. And through the years, Moscow has earned its reputation as an often grey, glum, occasionally even grim kind of place, though apparently not when Donald Trump came to town.>>Only one woman in […]

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On January the 22nd 2017, Kellyanne Conway, Counsellor to the US President, was invited on to the weekly NBC show Meet the Press to discuss the recent inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump. Something of a controversy had risen up over the past few days surrounding the size of the crowd that had turned up to […]

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PBS NewsHour full episode December 11, 2019

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: in the hot seat. Senators grill the Department of Justice top watchdog over his report on the Russia probe. Then: the Jersey City shooting — what we know so far about yesterday’s hours-long gun battle between two attackers and the police. Plus: Britain and […]

Ancestry of Donald Trump: Trump’s ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt

Trump’s ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt, Palatinate on his father’s side, and from the Outer Hebrides isles of Scotland on his mother’s side All his grandparents, and his mother, were born in Europe. His mother’s grandfather was also christened “Donald”. Trump’s paternal grandfather, Friedrich Trump (later Frederick), first emigrated to the United […]

Whistleblower Mildred Mildew on the Royal Oaks Community Garden Scandal

-Lately — I don’t need to tell you that lately the news has been abuzz about the whistleblowers who have come forward with inside information about President Trump. And here tonight is the original anonymous whistleblower bravely addressing the public for the first time. Please give a warm welcome to Mildred Mildew, everybody. [ Cheers […]

Trump immigration official forced out of bar amid heckling from ex-Maryland governor

 A top immigration adviser to Donald Trump was forced out of a bar in Washington after facing extensive heckling from fellow patrons — including former Maryland governor and 2016 Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley  Ken Cuccinelli, who currently serves as the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, reportedly experienced the “shame-invoking tirade” at […]

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