“Politics of a Free Society” by Ayn Rand

miss Rand is it possible to speak in meaningful terms of a political system independent of the economic and social systems that we have discussed in previous programs no it is impossible to speak of a political system independently of economics or vice versa of economics independently of politics let’s identify our terms clearly what […]

Milton Friedman Speaks: The Role of Government in a Free Society (B1228) – Full Video

♪ Music ♪ Reality captured in user friendly symbols and processed for understanding. ♪ Music ♪ The Idea Channel ♪ Music ♪ The subject of the talk tonight is “The Role of Government in a Free Society,” and I think in discussing that subject the first thing you have to do is to emphasize the […]

The Good Society Episode 1: Mrs. Schneider

I grew up in one of the most enchanted places on earth: Brooklyn, New York of the 1950s I lived in an apartment above a toy store on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. And if you went down the little staircase onto Coney Island Avenue, you would encounter people from—literally—from all over the world. I […]

The Good Society Episode 3: The Zero Sum Game

One of the mistakes we often make when we think about trade is to view it as a win lose proposition, instead of mutually beneficial. This is the idea that success can only come at the expense of others; for every winner, there must be a loser. This is the fallacy called “the zero sum […]

On Civil Society | Yanis Varoufakis: Has capitalism failed us? | May 18, 2018.

Yanis Varoufakis: Imagine that I am an expert financial economist who has predicted every single ____ upswing and downswing of the New York Stock Exchange. Open a bracket here: This is a fictional person… Ana Serano: Yeah. [laughter] YV: Like a unicorn. No economist has ever predicted any economic phenomenon ever. Ever. The 2008 crisis, […]

Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society | Official Trailer | MasterClass

[MUSIC PLAYING] We live in strange times. The housing bubble burst– rise of China– and the rise of inequality. Health is a very big deal. Taxes are a front rank issue. Blue-collar jobs were lost. Two groups have been left behind. But it’s a complicated story. Instead of saying, ah, it’s a complicated world, I […]

The Good Society Episode 2: Work, Creativity, and Exchange

Each person is a unique and unrepeatable individual. We are also social beings who flourish in relationships. In this episode, we’ll examine the interaction of our individual and social nature through our ability to work and create. We’ll also examine how we cooperate, exchange, and trade with others. Humans are created as co-creators with God, […]

How economic inequality harms societies | Richard Wilkinson

You all know the truth of what I’m going to say. I think the intuition that inequality is divisive and socially corrosive has been around since before the French Revolution. What’s changed is we now can look at the evidence, we can compare societies, more and less equal societies, and see what inequality does. I’m […]

“Fear the Boom and Bust”: Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battle

>>HOTEL CLERK: Lord Keynes! Welcome, sir. It’s a pleasure.>>KEYNES: The pleasure’s all mine. >>CLERK: Your agenda–>>KEYNES: That won’t be necessary. I am the agenda. >>CLERK: [laughs]>>KEYNES: Tell them I’ve arrived– >>HAYEK: And then tell them I’ve arrived.>>CLERK: And, your name is?>>HAYEK: Hayek. F.A. Hayek. With an “H”.>>KEYNES: Freddy. (yeah) Keynes. Hey, listen, party at the […]