Why My Family’s Cost of Living is Cheaper in Tokyo

Hello world! Here’s the thing. I moved from Vancouver, Canada, to Tokyo, Japan. In Canada, I used to make more money, yet my quality of life is somehow better across the Pacific ocean. This is largely in part due to the cost of living being cheaper for my family. How could this be, in one […]

German Finance Professionals on Developing a Fair and Constructive Society

— Hi! My name is Iryna, I live in Germany. I represent the field of finance from the professional point of view (accountancy), and… — Hi! I’m Chris, I’m originally from Romania, I also live in Germany with Iryna, I’m a business consultant, I’ve been doing transactions and valuations with many companies around the world, […]

Community Supported Agriculture: The Benefits of Supporting Local Foods

If you are interested in knowing more about where and how your food is grown and produced, and you also want the best for you and your family, then you are probably interested in local foods. Keeping it local benefits not only you, but also the community. You’ll get a chance to meet the people […]

How the tech revolution has left communities behind

(light music) – So, the three pillars are really the pillars that hold up society. On the one hand, there’s the political pillar: the state, government. There is the economic pillar: markets. And then there is the societal or sociological pillar: communities, people, democracy. And together these pillars, essentially, make our society what it is. […]

S. Korea’s ruling party whip vows efforts to foster fair society

South Korea’s ruling Democratic Party has vowed upmost efforts to foster a fair society and an economy where all can coexist in a policy speech at the National Assembly on Monday the party’s floor leader Ian Young highlighted the need to reform the prosecution and revamp the way elections are done here in order to […]

Moon focuses on creating fair society and calls on N. Korea to respond during budget…

earlier today president moon jaein addressed the National Assembly calling for supporting getting next year’s budget passed as well as continuing dialogue to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula and for more on this we connect live to our presidential office correspondent Sam in at the top office so so I mean the president focused […]

Post-Bachelor’s Employment Outcomes by Occupation, Sex, and Race/Ethnicity

Research shows that on average people with at least a bachelor’s degree earn more and have lower unemployment rates than their less educated peers. The economic benefits of higher education can also vary substantially based on individual characteristics such as one’s occupation, sex, race, and ethnicity. A new Spotlight from the Condition of Education on […]

How economic inequality might affect a society’s well-being

JUDY WOODRUFF: Anger over economic inequality and its effects is an important theme running through our national politics in both parties now. But just how you gauge the true impacts of inequality on health and happiness is a bit more nuanced than you might think. Our economics correspondent, Paul Solman, dives into some of those […]