The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

Welcome to the United Kingdom (and a Whole Lot More) explained by me, C. G. P. Grey. United Kingdom? England? Great Britain? Are these three the same place? Are they different places? Do British people secretly laugh those who use the terms incorrectly? Who knows the answers to these questions? I do, and I’m going […]

Judging Societies by Women’s Prisons | Emily Salisbury | TEDxWashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen

Translator: Ellen Maloney Reviewer: Denise RQ “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” This famous quote by Dostoyevsky reminds us that to truly understand the progression of humanity, we should open our eyes to see how we treat some of the most unsympathetic characters in our world. How […]

2018 Ulam Lectures – Cris Moore – Limits of Computers in Science and Society Part 2

good evening everybody so everybody can hear me fine my name is David walpert I’m a professor up at the Santa Fe Institute and before anything else some thanks are in order it just disappeared first off I’d like to thank Thornburg investment management for underwriting these community lecture series this is always said at […]

Brad Templeton: Today’s Surveillance Society is Beyond Orwellian

We went, and by we I meant all of us, we went and built this wonderful Internet thing you’ve heard of. And we’re all using it all the time for all of our lives. We’re buying things on it, we’re having sex over it, we’re communicating with our friends, just so many aspects of our […]

Batteries, Fuel Cells, and their Role in Modern Society | UrFUx on edX

Family Obligations: Crash Course Philosophy #43

For most of you, your parents brought you into this world. They also fed you, and changed your diapers, and wiped your tears. They raised you. Yet, according to contemporary American philosopher Jane English, once you’re grown, you don’t owe your parents anything. Not a single thing. Now, this might sound a little selfish. A […]

How Do DNA Ancestry Tests Work? How 23andme Works.

You’ve probably seen the ads for them. Spit in a test tube, send it a company such as 23andMe or and in return you’ll find out what your genetic ethnicity is, with you being able to see if your ancestors came from regions such as Europe, East Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa for example. In […]

Cornel West: Hope Is Spiritual Armor Against Modern Society’s Spiritual Warfare

What does it mean to learn how to die in order to learn how to live? That’s platonic isn’t it? Philosophy itself is a meditation in preparation for death. Montaigne says the philosophizers learn how to die. Seneca says he or she who learns how to die unlearns slavery because art, paideia—deep education, not cheap […]

Basic Mandarin Chinese | Lesson 7 | Learn to tell your surname!

Welcome to CultureAlleyMandarian!! Nǐhǎo this is Basic Mandarin lesson 7! Lets start by going over some of the phrases that you learnt in the last lesson… Miss translates to Xiǎojiě Mister/ Mr. becomes Xiānsheng While Mrs. Is translated as Fūren Similarly, Female friend or girlfriend translates to Nánpéngyǒu Male friend or boyfriend becomes Nǚpéngyǒu and […]

Computers and Society, History to the Present Day | Ronald M. Baecker

I’ve been interested in computers and society issues ever since I was a student at MIT between 1959 and ’69. Concerns about computers or automata or machines come to life of course go back to literature and science fiction, but one of the first written expressions of concern was actually the father of cybernetics Norbert […]