The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

Welcome to the United Kingdom (and a Whole Lot More) explained by me, C. G. P. Grey. United Kingdom? England? Great Britain? Are these three the same place? Are they different places? Do British people secretly laugh those who use the terms incorrectly? Who knows the answers to these questions? I do, and I’m going […]

Brad Templeton: Today’s Surveillance Society is Beyond Orwellian

We went, and by we I meant all of us, we went and built this wonderful Internet thing you’ve heard of. And we’re all using it all the time for all of our lives. We’re buying things on it, we’re having sex over it, we’re communicating with our friends, just so many aspects of our […]

Cornel West: Hope Is Spiritual Armor Against Modern Society’s Spiritual Warfare

What does it mean to learn how to die in order to learn how to live? That’s platonic isn’t it? Philosophy itself is a meditation in preparation for death. Montaigne says the philosophizers learn how to die. Seneca says he or she who learns how to die unlearns slavery because art, paideia—deep education, not cheap […]

Dividing the United States Into Independent Nations – The Jim Jefferies Show

At this point, America is so politically fractured, there seems to be no turning back. The great divide in American politics shows no sign of closing… or even quieting down. Man: A Pew study finds 81% of voters say they cannot agree with the other side on basic facts. Exactly! We’re all in our own […]

Our Ancestry DNA Results – How it Changed our Travels | The Planet D

It’s a very exciting day here at The Planet D because we are going to find out our ancestry DNA we’ve been traveling the world full time for eight years having adventures in more than 100 countries on all seven continents and sharing our experiences on Welcome to Antarctica welcome to Dubai Welcome to […]

Put Your Family Tree Online

Howdy! I’m Devon Noel and I’m Caleb Lee and we’re Family HIstory Fanatics. Today we’re going to tell you five reasons why you should be using an online family tree. [Opening Music] Do you know what the first one is ? Organization? Absolutely! Organization! Now, I don’t mean just organizing your paper files because again, […]

Libertarian Philosophy: Marx and Smith on Commercial Societies – Learn Liberty

One set of problems that people will raise with respect to liberty and community comes from, as it were, both the left and the right in the political spectrum. On the right, people may worry that individual liberty, granting a wide scope of freedom to people to make individual choices, might endanger moral community. If […]

We Need to Make Drugs Seem Less Fun – The Jim Jefferies Show

Welcome back! Ah, you couldn’t get enough of me, could ya? Seems odd. I’m not a hard habit to break. I could give you the phone number of several women who quit me cold-turkey. But a lot of people do struggle with addiction, and often they’re blamed for their own problem. It’s a tricky balance […]


Hey, Lochie Daddo here from the National Maritime Museum here in Sydney. Now if your family’s anything like mine you’ve got plenty of old photos stored up. But if you’re anything like me then they’re probably stored in a mouldy old shoe box at the back of the garage right next to that sit up […]