Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – 101 Trailer EP1: Explore

[XBOX SOUND] [music] Rolling, 1, 2, 3… test. It’s good for the sound, let’s do this! Ancestors is not about unfolding the mission we’ve put out there for you. It’s you, your curiosity that’s driving the show. In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, there is no mini map and there is no map at all. It […]

University of Rwanda – Enabling a knowledge based society. A film about the UR-Sweden Programme.

Rwanda, a country in the heart of Africa with an estimated population of 11.5 million people, is known for its green mountainous landscape as the Land of a Thousand hills. A country that has transformed dramatically since the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, in which more than 1 million people died. A country that is […]

Community Helper | Learning Street With Bob The Train | Educational Videos For Children by Kids Tv

Hi kids! Guess who’s here.. Yes it’s me bob… Join me for learning street with bob.. Hop on kids… Coz we are gonna meet Some really cool people… who make the world complete Who,Bob ? They are the helping hands… that we all really need They work without a fuss… right upto speed Community helpers… […]

Why pitting prejudices against each other keeps society free | Jonathan Rauch

We live in a liberal society – small ‘L’. That means we’re committed to values like free speech and toleration. It means we try to create an open forum. And it also means we understand there are going to be some obnoxious, and sociopathic, and racist, and anti-Semitic, and homophobic people in our midst. And, […]

How Protected Is The British Royal Family?

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. The killing of a monarch is called regicide. It’s not something that happens in modern times, but in the past quite a few royals were murdered […]

English Listening Comprehension – Talking About Your Family in English

how are your English listening skills first you’ll see an image and here a question next comes a short dialogue listen carefully and see if you can answer correctly we’ll show you the answer at the end a man and a woman are talking who lives with the man I’d like to introduce you to […]

Is Society Really a Thing? – Emile Durkheim and The Rules of the Sociological Method – Part 1

What is society? Is it a real thing that exists out there in the world? Or is it just an abstract label we put on a collection of other people out there? If so what do we mean when we talk about different societies? And what do people mean when they say Society says X […]

Harvesting Cacao | How to Make Everything: Chocolate Bar

How to make everything from scratch: Chocolate bar. My first step for making my chocolate bar entirely from scratch will be harvesting the fruit of a cacao tree Since cacao is not native to Minnesota, i’m gonna have to head south Despite being the birth place of chocolate, Mexico today produces less than 2% of […]

How does academic freedom change society for good? | Ryan Stowers

The concerns that we have regarding academic freedom is first of all I think it’s underappreciated and maybe taken for granted how unique it is, and how absolutely critical it is. Universities historically have been places where people have the freedom to pursue courses of study that maybe weren’t as popular at the time or […]

Does our society incentivize disinformation? | Daniel Schmachtenberger

So if I’m in a competitive game and I have some information about reality, the reality of the playing field that I’m in then that information can be a source of strategic competitive advantage against whoever I’m competing against and so I have an incentive to withhold that information from other players and maybe even […]