Doreen Strachan – Hidden Histories of the Humber Bridge

(calm piano music) – My name is Doreen Strachan. My husband, Douglas, was one of the project engineers for the consultants Freeman Fox and Partners. We came about 1974, and I knew it would be a long job, full time, 25 hours a day perhaps. And nevertheless, it was exciting, sometimes good excitement, sometimes worrying […]

Julie Cook – Hidden Histories of the Humber Bridge

(calm piano music) – I’m Julie Cook. My dad Tony Black, Anthony Black, but everybody called him Tony, and also my grandfather Alfred Acaster Had worked on the barges a lot of years My grandad had been on the barges with his dad since he was thirteen, fourteen. My dad went to work on the […]

Rosemary Sadofsky – Hidden Histories of the Humber Bridge

(Calm piano music) – All right, well as a child I didn’t live in Hull, we lived in Bridlington and my mum and dad would arrange for me to come and stay with with Grandma in Anlaby for two or three weeks in the summer holidays. She always treated me to a trip across on […]

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars, Fall 2016

[Rover sounds/Dust/Wind] [Heavy wind] [Music]>>Let’s get a program that goes forward one tile, takes a right turn, and then goes forward, like, what? Four? Three or four tiles? [Background conversations]>>The thing I learned the most was just working with other people, and how to work with them efficiently.>>I would say the biggest thing I learned […]

David Wilkinson – Hidden Histories of the Humber Bridge

(calm piano music) – My name’s David Wilkinson and I worked on the Humber Bridge as a painter. And although we didn’t do much painting for the first six months. We was cleaning the red lead off from the main cables. Bridge Board actually used the red lead, we didn’t actually put it on. They […]

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars, Fall 2017

[Music/Background noise]>>Welcome to Armstrong NCAS Fall 2017. Today is the final rover competition for 4 separate teams. 40 community college students came from across the nation. Today they are testing their rovers to compete to collect rover parts and identify minerals. [Music/Background noise]>>NCAS overall was a 3 day blitz of nonstop science, nonstop teamwork, nonstop […]

Bruce Feiler: Agile programming — for your family

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast So here’s the good news about families. The last 50 years have seen a revolution in what it means to be a family. We have blended families, adopted families, we have nuclear families living in separate houses and divorced families living in the same house. But through it all, […]

Community College and Engineering | Transfer from Community College Engineering

00:00 Lots of students asked me if it’s OK for them to start their engineering journey at a two year community college and then transfer to a four year engineering university program or college program. Will this video be talking about all about that right now. 00:18 Hey younger nation. I’m Jake Vorhees and you […]

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Program, Fall 2018

[Music]>>To be an aerospace engineer, you have to be confident, you have to have courage, being smart is given, but it’s your determination, it’s your passion, and it’s your creativity which binds you together and makes you suitable for NASA. [Music] [Background noise]>>Even when applying, I felt kind of nervous, because NASA seems like this […]

Seasteading 101: How to Build the World’s First Society-at-Sea | Marc Collins

A question I get quite often is, “What is Seasteading?” And Seasteading started out I guess in 2008. It’s a movement. It started out as a non-profit so it’s called the Seasteading Institute, based in California. But I think—just a couple of months ago—Seasteading is actually a word that’s recognized by the Oxford dictionary, and […]