Whitby Synod | Episode 4 | Lineage | Lineage

Whitby, England, today a seaside town, but the spiritual heritage of this town dates all the way back to the seventh century. In 656 the abbey was founded by Abbess Hilda, and in 663 the Whitby Synod was held here, between the leaders of the Celtic Church and the leaders of the Catholic Church and […]

Magna Carta: The Foundation of Freedom | Episode 10 | Lineage

The Magna Carta was signed just over 800 years ago here in Runnymede, a document that would have both civil and religious importance for England and also for the whole world. The backdrop to the signing of the Magna Carta was the growing tension between the King of England and the Pope over who had […]

John Wycliffe: The Morning Star | Episode 11 | Lineage

Welcome to Lutterworth, the workplace of John Wycliffe and the place where he did his most significant work. John Wycliffe has often been referred to as the ‘Morning Star of the Reformation’. The ‘Morning Star’ is a term coined to describe either a planet or a star that appears shining brightly in the sky just […]

France | Behind the Scenes | Lineage

And here there is in the wall, there’s a hidden Bible just… …there. Right here. Here, this is where the preacher was hidden if the soliders came. Fastened to the rock which cannot move… Adam: We often sing this song when life is going so smoothly, Clive: Go back Adam: …but if and when the […]

How to Become the British Monarch

How to become the British Monarch: Historically, the crown sat upon your head mostly because you had the biggest army. When you died usually your eldest son kept control over that army and so the crown relocated to his head, though, of course, someone with a bigger army could change the political landscape quite abruptly. […]

Ahead of election, British voters grapple with Brexit, division and distrust

JUDY WOODRUFF: Britain goes to the polls tomorrow in what’s billed as the most important general election since the end of World War II, and Brexit is at the heart of the election. Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs a clear majority in Parliament to force through a deal, which will enable Britain to leave […]

The Weird Secret Rules The Royal Family Has To Follow

When you were young you may have dreamed of being royal–having servants to cater to your every whim while you kicked back on a golden throne or maybe wearing a ball gown and tiara and dancing the night away at a fancy ball. Well, being royal is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially […]

Rotten Romans Quiz with Rattus Rattus | Horrible Histories: The Movie

Hello there! My name is Rattus Rattus – as if you didn’t know! – and I’m something of an expert on the Romans. Well, truth be told I’m not. But do you know what, English Heritage are and they’ve asked me to test your Rotten Roman knowledge. Here we go! True or false? The capital […]