ENGLISH VOCABULARY – Family Vocabulary! This Vocabulary Builder teaches you all about family

Speaking English – Talking about Family

Hello there! My name is Ronnie. And I’m going to teach you today about vocabulary we use in English to talk about Your Family! Some people have very very big families or other people have very small families. How big is your family? People might ask you that question. And I’ll teach you how to […]

Family Vocabulary

husband father mother sister brother sister in law brother in law father in law mother in law sister in law brother in law grandfather grandmother uncle aunt uncle cousin daughter son daughter in law son in law nephew niece grandson granddaughter parents children

Does your name start with the wrong letter? Listen to 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello. This is 6 Minute English. I’m Neil. Sam: And I’m Sam. Neil: Now Sam, I assume that you know your alphabet. Sam: Of course, Neil – you mean my ABCs? We learn that at a very young age, you know? Neil: Sorry to sound patronising. But you do you know why the letters […]

Learn Basic English Vocabulary: FAMILY

Hello. I’m Gill at engVid, and we have a lesson today on vocabulary connected with the family; so all the names, the family relationships, and the standard names, and also some informal names that are used within a family for different family members. Okay. So, let’s have a look. So, first of all: “mother”, a […]

English for Chinese Speakers 14 – first name / surname order (with subtitles)

Hi once again everyone, and welcome back to ‘One English Tip in One Minute for Chinese Speakers (and its many language varieties)’. In these videos, I show you each week, like clockwork, one common mistake made by Chinese speakers, and this is video number 14. Yup, it’s a very cool, smart and practical thing to […]

Members of the Family in English

Members of the family in English This is you. You have a father father and a mother mother They are your parents Sometimes you have a brother brother and or a sister sister Your mother and your father also have parents. The father of your mother or as we normally say your mother’s father. He […]