Watch This Family Take A Holiday Card Photo Inside A Human-Sized Snow Globe

– Now that Thanksgiving’s over, families across the country are officially freaking out about creating that perfect holiday card. Y’all freakin’ out, are you freakin’ out? You should be freaking out, if they’re not good enough yet. I haven’t seen them, but I’m pretty sure, cause you didn’t sound solidly excited. But we found one […]

Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

welcome back to the david passenger they were back on the day the package of make sure if you haven’t yet signed up as the day the package remember log on to david pacman dot com slash membership you get the commercial free podcast the bonus shows and access to what in just two weeks […]

Jack Whitehall reacts to family’s ‘horrific’ past | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Talking of pedigree, in fact, and genealogy and things, you did ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Oh God, yeah. And it was It was grim discoveries. It was the worst episode ever! It was awful! I did ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and the answer to that question is an arsehole. Like my […]

Julie Bowen Talks Modern Family

(upbeat music) Please welcome, Julie Bowen. (crowd cheering) Hi, wait a minute. What? Wait. What? No. I don’t do them anymore. No. Nope, you do them for us. Shoe cam, shoe cam. I was told, I was told to bring the noise on the shoes. (gently strumming harp) Look. (crowd cheering) Look. No, no, no. […]

Community service: Alex Danilowicz at TEDxEncinitas

Translator: Katarzyna Lisowska Reviewer: Tulio Leao As a high school student, I know that just jumping in can be scary, but I always find it rewarding. And I know that just jumping in isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it continues to surprise me how few people do just jump in, especially teenagers. Today, […]