Ethics and Society Overview

hello my name is Bernd Stahl. I a’m professor at De Montfort university which is located in Leicester in the united kingdom and I’m also serving as the leader of the ethics management work package of the human brain project I also represent ethics on Directorate of the human brain project. In this presentation I […]

Victoria Beckham on Her Family

– You’re very private, I’ll say that. So you haven’t been– you were here seven years ago– – Correct. – And I don’t think you’ve done anything in seven years. You don’t do a lot of press. – No, I don’t. You know, I work, and I’m at home looking after the kids. So no, […]

Making the Cut | Session 1: Science and Society || Radcliffe Institute

– Good morning, everyone. I’m Tomiko Brown-Nagin, the Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and I’m delighted to see all of you here today. I’m so pleased to welcome you to the Radcliffe Symposium focused on the critical and urgent topic of human gene editing. Now, I say urgent because we find ourselves […]

Introduction to Business, Government, and Society

>>Hello. Welcome to the business responsibilities in society course. My name is Duncan Pelly, and I’ll be your instructor over the next 15 lessons. In my very biased opinion, this is one of the most interesting courses that you’ll have during your university career because it has just a little bit of something for everyone. […]

“The Press in a Free Society” by Ayn Rand

miss ran very happy to have you with us again our subject this week is the role of the press and let me begin by asking you what ought to be the role of the press in a free society on the broadest sense of the world the press means all media of communication as […]

Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) – Master’s Programs

In our contemporary societies, the technical and the social are inherently connected and entangled. We at the Munich Center for Technology in Society are dedicated to understanding and reflexively shaping the multiple interactions between science, technology and society. The complex challenges in our highly technologized societies call for new inter- and transdisciplinary approaches. The acronym […]

INBOTS – Interactive Robotics for a Better Society

Robots are finding new application domains. As the technology develops this will bring robots in much closer interaction with with humans. They will become an integrity part of our lives So this means that it will be a really emotional, physical cognitive interaction with humans. So this beings brings the promise of assisting the workload […]

Family Obligations: Crash Course Philosophy #43

For most of you, your parents brought you into this world. They also fed you, and changed your diapers, and wiped your tears. They raised you. Yet, according to contemporary American philosopher Jane English, once you’re grown, you don’t owe your parents anything. Not a single thing. Now, this might sound a little selfish. A […]

Conversations in Bioethics 2016: Making Families

(bell ringing) – Good evening everybody. I am Chan, Chandler or Chan Tagliabue. I’m a member of the Regents Committee for Georgetown’s Kennedy Institute of Ethics and it’s my pleasure to welcome all of you here tonight. This evening is part of an annual series hosted by the KIE in which the campus community gets […]