Nigerian Tag | ETHNICITY TAG (Naija!)

Hello everyone. So today I’m going to be doing the Nigerian Tag. I’m very excited to do it so let’s get started! I really am going to force a Nigerian accent throughout this video because it’s fun. And when else can I use my Nigerian accent? What is your Nigerian Name? My Nigerian name is […]

Ethnicity TAG Indian or Pakistani? 🇮🇳🇵🇰

Hi everybody, welcome back. I get a lot of questions about where I am from, my ethnicity, what my background is…so today I thought I’d share with you the ethnicity TAG. If you are new here, please subscribe, because I make videos in English and Punjabi weekly. To my returning subscribers, thank you so much, […]

Get to know me? Ethnicity Tag Afghan Vs Ethnicity tag Persian – Zak Safari

what’s poppin how y’all doin so I just got here we gon go imma go into missmashes place and we’re going to do an ethnicity tag as you can tell by the title of this video so we’re gonna go in there and get to the video boom right now I’m here with I don’t […]




hello my fellow youtubers welcome to my channel innocently once again the preach tak your uncle G as you can see me right here are you back standing up so just what the think is so much spin this 100 subscribers that I got from my channel ah 100 subscribers that’s just only the beginning […]

Ethnicity Tag! (ft. my husband)

Hello my name’s.. Hello my name’s Lucky and I’m here with my husband Guten Tag Richy Rich Ya and…we’re gonna do the ethnicity tag Let’s get it started Okay, question #1 Where are you from? What is your ethnicity? My ethnicity is Russian, German, maybe some Kazakh people in there. I don’t know. Ukraine. But […]

Ethnicity Tag || Kylene Adorkable

where’s Zuko hey guys so i’ll be doing the ethnicity tag / nationality tag I don’t know who created this but yeah i’ll be doing it there’s like eight cushions but i’ll be adding one question one extra question first question what’s your ethnicity my ethnicity is purely Chinese but one for Filipino second question […]