hello everybody it’s Kadzowe with KadzoweforAfrica and welcome to my channel well the long-awaited video has arrived what tribe are you if you are a black American female? if you’re interested in this information stay tuned! first tribe that most African American women are from is undoubtedly what we call the Yoruba tribe the Yoruba […]

Ancestry DNA Results | British Raj Secrets: Am I Mixed Race??

Hi! I’m Lozzy I sent off for an Ancestry DNA test a few weeks ago now and I just found out that the results are in so I thought I’d do a video I’m excited but I’m also really scared…? I don’t know why; really nervous So what we do know of my family history […]

Ancestry: Are You Bantu, Nilote or Cushite?

hello everybody its Kadzowe for Africa my friend Michelle who is african-american wanted to understand herself as an african-american and connect with her African roots and I’m seeing a lot of African Americans who are really connecting with us as Africans which is super great and they’re asking questions and they want to know what […]