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We can also match you with a SCORE mentor of the gender or ethnicity that you specify if that’s important to you.

Worldbuilding families, clans, dynasties, tribes and cultures with Professor Lin Foxhall

[Music] Hello, hello, hello everyone! And welcome! We are so thrilled to be with you again this week! Welcome to our world building Theme of the Month livestream. We’re going live every Sunday at 8 o’clock GMT that is I think 12 o’clock PST but you could correct me in the chat. Please do! Today […]

Multiplex: Ethnicity in the Mission of God – Panel – Cape Town 2010

>>Today we are joined by three very ordinary but yet remarkable people. First we have Philbert Kalisa from Rwanda, and then we have Nyasha Manyua from Zimbabwe, and then Joyce Dube who works with refugees here in South Africa. Joyce, let me start with you. There was a lot of concern here in South Africa […]

Equal Opportunities Committee Inquiry – Removing Barriers: Race, Ethnicity and Employment.

What are the barriers to employment for people from ethnic minority communities in Scotland? This is the question the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee has set itself – and it wants to hear your views and experiences on the subject. I managed to gain this placement from African Challenge. Through them I managed to gain […]

Executive Summary: How You Can Help Keep Federal Statistics on Race/Ethnicity Relevant and Accurate

Slide 1: Hello! I am Jennifer Park of the Office of the U.S. Chief Statistician in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget or OMB for short. If you have listened to the other presentations featured in this webinar, this last presentation will recap the most important information we’ve shared. If you are viewing this […]

Providing Input on Proposed Changes to Statistical Standards for Collecting Race & Ethnicity Data

Slide 1: Hello and thank you for joining this webinar! I am Jennifer Park of the Office of the Chief Statistician at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Ever wonder where Federal statistics on race/ethnicity come from? How Federal statistics on race/ethnicity are made? This webinar will describe how your Federal statistical agencies work […]

Ethnicity and Depression

>We want to focus on ethnicity. Which you really don’t think of, woh! Ethnicity plays a role in this. Check this out, right here and we can see the graphic shows that the rates of suicide for race ethnicity groups this is from 2016 also the highest for males and females in the american indian/alaskan, […]

What Would You Do: Customers discriminate against Hispanic waiter | WWYD

Allow me to help you. You guys can have a seat right here and we’ll be out to get you started shortly. I can’t wait to order. I’m so hungry. Yeah this place has really good food. Hey, how are you folks doing today? My name is Miguel and *Man interrupts* Manuel Agua, por favor. […]

“White People” | Russell Peters – Notorious

>>Russell Peters: Back in the day, when you would see a white person, you knew they where white, immediately. When I was a kid, if I saw a white person, I didn’t have to ask. If I was like, “Are you white?” They’d be like, “What the fuck else would I be?” [Laughter] But now, […]