Occupation Records: Post Office Appointment Books | Ancestry

Tony, why is the Post Office history so important? Oh we all love the Post Office don’t we? The Post Office is like the doctor it is one of the central parts of our community. If you think about what the Post Office has done for hundreds of years it has allowed us to communicate […]

Celia Heritage’s family history brick wall tips

Okay this is Celia Heritage who is a professional genealogist and author and teacher and we would like to talk to you about death records. Well Death Records are some of the most enlightening records for your family history whereas records such as census returns and birth and marriage records they are going to give […]

Discovering new records with Smart Search

Hi I’m Mark Bayley and in this video I’ll be showing you how The Genealogist can help you jump from one record to another using our smart search technology. In my first example I’ll be trying to find the parents of Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge I enter her fathers name Michael with the […]

Townlands and Irish Genealogy

With low rates of uniqueness for Irish names, you need to use geographic markers, especially in the 1800s when there are few records that show age. The best marker is the townland, which is a small geographic area that is sort of equivalent to a neighborhood or subdivision in the U.S. When I evaluate different […]

How to Use Google Translate App for Genealogy – App Review

Welcome back to another episode on Genealogy TV. Today I am doing another “App For That” segment this is a little review of the Google Translate app. If you don’t have it on your phone you should, especially if you’re doing records if you’re looking in the archives for records from overseas. Now I’m going […]

Simplifying citations for offline genealogy resources

I found a fun video from Family History Fanatics listing seven common genealogy mistakes. I’ve made every single one of these mistakes, and have developed some guidelines for avoiding them. The fifth one was not citing sources, which refers to writing down a fact you discovered in a non-digital source but forgetting to write down […]

Using the Card Catalogue | Ancestry

If finding a particular ancestor feels like searching for a needle in a haystack just imagine being able to remove most of the hay. That is what using the card catalogue does, letting you pinpoint the records they are likely to appear in before starting your search. You can use the card catalogue to narrow […]

Why is Family History Important?

[Music] Family history is one of the best tools you can use to know about your health history. It’s a way of documenting when diseases are in the family, what people died from, and it’s interesting to me that people know a lot about their genealogy, they’ll know where people are married and where their […]

Celebrate Mom and All You Share | Ancestry

We share share the face, she looks like me and I look like her. She’s quite outgoing and she likes to let everyone know she’s around so maybe I have a little bit of that. I’m just like my mom, same nose, same face, you know. She passed a couple years ago but I miss […]

How to Share AncestryDNA Test Results (Why Share DNA Test Results)

Hey today we’re going to talk about how and why you should share your ancestry DNA test results with someone else. We’re gonna jump into that in just a moment but if this is your first time here my name is Connie Knox I am a lifelong genealogist here to help you go further faster […]