City Directories: No Town Too Small No Clue Too Little

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the MyHeritage one-day seminar from our headquarters here in Israel, with a live audience. And thank you, all of you, for coming from all over the world, either live or recorded. It’s really a pleasure for me to welcome you to this session. Right now, I will […]

Genealogy Pit Stop: Research in 15 Minute Increments

Hello everybody, and welcome. My name is Daniel Horowitz. I’m the expert genealogist of MyHeritage, and it’s a pleasure for me to welcome you, not only to our live audience here at the MyHeritage headquarters, but also to all of you around the globe that decided to come and attend, and look and hear at […]

What’s in a Surname: The History of Surnames and How They Help in Family History Research

Hello and welcome to the MyHeritage webinar series. I’m Marian Pierre-Louis, your host, broadcasting to you live from Massachusetts. Today we have Alejandro T. Rubinstein with us who is live in Mexico City, Mexico for his class, What’s In a Surname: The History of Surnames and How They Help in Family History Research. Thanks to […]

Introducing the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry Test

Hello, and welcome to the MyHeritage webinar series. I’m Geoff Rasmussen, you’re host, broadcasting to you live from webinar headquarters in Middleton, Idaho. Today, we have Ofer Karp with us, who is live in Or Yehuda, Israel, for his class, Introducing the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry Test. Thanks to Ofer, and thanks to all of you […]

The Family History Guide: Learning Path Projects

The Learning Path project section takes you step-by-step through each of the four main family history sites: FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage and Findmypast. Each site has a wide array of historical records, but when combined together have a much broader collection of data, creating a better landscape for you to explore your ancestry. Our site acts […]

The Best Sharing Solution for Family History

Isn’t it about time we dragged family history publishing and sharing into the 21st century? Meet Alice. She started researching her family history online and discovered amazing access to old records and ancestors. But after a lot of time and effort, Alice found herself locked into a research service with never-ending hints and matches to […]

Cheryl Finds Lost Photo Of Mariner Ancestors | Who Do You Think You Are

she wants to know more about her seafaring ancestors. she’s come to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle to meet Carolyn ball who runs the archives hi sir I was wondering if you could help me abate rocket rife and I brought over this family tree which is basically the moment all I have okay and […]

What Your Family History Can’t Tell You

Thanks to the National Institutes of Health’s National Human Genome Research Institute for supporting this episode of SciShow. [♪ INTRO] The first time you visit a new doctor, they’ll probably ask about your family history. Everything from heart disease to certain cancers to type 2 diabetes—if one of your close relatives has had it, they […]

What Lisa Guerrero Learned About Her Background When She Took the MyHeritage DNA Test

– [Narrator] We teamed up with MyHeritage and their expert Rafi Mendelsohn to reveal exciting information about Lisa Guerrero’s family background. – I took the MyHeritage DNA test and my mom is from Chile and my father is from the U.S.. So, I’m very curious about the results. – Well Lisa, as you know, the […]