How to Use Google Translate App for Genealogy – App Review

Welcome back to another episode on Genealogy TV. Today I am doing another “App For That” segment this is a little review of the Google Translate app. If you don’t have it on your phone you should, especially if you’re doing records if you’re looking in the archives for records from overseas. Now I’m going […]

Basics of Using the Internet Archive for Genealogy – Interview with Dan Earl

Do you like to do research in your home in your pajamas fantastic you need to learn about Internet Archive howdy I’m Devon Noel Lee with family history fanatics and we’re here with Dan Earl the family history guy and he’s going to tell us some tips on how to research in the Internet Archive […]

U. S. Census Records Genealogy Research Strategy. Prior to 1850, Part 3 of 3

Hey everybody Connie Knox a lifelong genealogist helping you go further faster and factually with your family research. Coming up next is part three of the three-part series about the US federal census so enjoy part three So as we go back in time there are tricks to learning how to Do research prior to […]

Cool Family Tree Wall Charts to Showcase Complex Trees or Military History

I’m here with Janet hub Orca with family chart masters the chart chick and she is new tell us about some of the really cool family tree she’s worked on that might inspire you to put around your home in a library or wherever you want to display your family tree so Janet tell me […]

Creating a Research Map with Google My Maps – Featuring Special Guest Melissa Finlay

Ever had an ancestor that moved around a lot and you just can’t wrap your head around it? Well, I want to show you how to use Google My Maps to help your research make more sense. Hi, I’m Melissa Finlay with, here as a guest contributor on Family History Fanatics this is part […]

Remembrance Records | Ancestry

Hi everyone! Crista Cowan here with an exciting announcement. As part of a philanthropic effort to make culturally important records available without restriction, Ancestry has partnered with the Arsolen Archives, International Center on Nazi Persecution, formerly known as the International Tracing Service, or ITS. The goal of this partnership is to publish records from their […]

Solve Family History Mysteries with DNA Strategies the Pros Use

Hey everybody welcome back to another episode on Genealogy TV. if we’ve not met before my name is Connie Knox. I am a lifelong genealogist here to help you go further faster and factually with your family research. Today we are talking about the DNA strategies that the pros use. So just as a reminder […]

Genealogy TV’s – 2018 Fold3 Holiday Giveaway – Enter to Win

Would you like to win a year subscription to fold3? Fold3 is known for its great military records. Between now and midnight on December 31st 2018, you could have a chance to win by subscribing to the Genealogy TV newsletter. This newsletter is where I keep you up to date on the latest happenings on […]

North Carolina Genealogical Society Bible Record Project 2018

Hey everybody, my name is Connie Knox. I am here to help you go further faster, but factually with the family research I just returned from the North Carolina genealogical society fall conference And while I was there I met a gal named Sharon Gable and she is working on a Bible project for the […]

Put Your Family Tree Online

Howdy! I’m Devon Noel and I’m Caleb Lee and we’re Family HIstory Fanatics. Today we’re going to tell you five reasons why you should be using an online family tree. [Opening Music] Do you know what the first one is ? Organization? Absolutely! Organization! Now, I don’t mean just organizing your paper files because again, […]