DNA Test Revealed My Mom’s Dirty Secret

– Hi I’m Nathan and I want to tell you a story about how a $99 DNA test uncovered the darkest secret of my family. It was so shocking my grandmother had a heart attack. So, my family was always quite traditional and pretty normal. My mom is a business woman, so she’d always leave […]

Are YOU A Family History Hero?

Hello, this is Linda Sattgast from imaphotohero.com here to tell you that we’ve changed our name to familyhistoryhero.com. Now, why would we do that? Let me tell you. [music playing] Actually I love both names: imaphotohero and familyhistoryhero, but there are three reasons we decided to change it. First, it was hard for people to […]

FAST Family History Photo Book!

Have you been wanting to turn a box of family photos into a beautiful book but you just haven’t managed to get it done? I’m Linda Sattgast from imaphotohero.com here to suggest why you might be procrastinating and what to do about it. [Music Playing] I recently had an email exchange with someone who wanted […]